Jan 25: NSRAP Calls On Trans* Community For Consult on Surgeries & Health Care

Posted by Wayves Volunteer  20/01/14



On January 25th, NSRAP and its community partners PrideHealth and South House will host a Community Consultation on Gender Confirming Surgeries and Trans* Health Care.

Despite June 2013 announcement of funding for gender confirming surgeries, policies and processes are not yet in place to allow these surgeries to happen.

Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project (“NSRAP”) and community members are committed to the best possible health care for the trans* community and to a successful and timely implementation of the previously announced public funding of gender confirming surgeries (also known as sex reassignment surgeries, or SRS).  In order for this to happen it is essential that the voices of the trans* community are heard. 

NSRAP, will be hosting a community forum on January 25th.  The event is supported by Pride Health, The South House and Trans*form Healthcare.  This forum will provide an opportunity for the trans* community to discuss ideas, concerns and issues around the implementation of the SRS funding decision, along with other transgender health care issues, with a goal of producing a formal report of community concerns and recommendations, to be communicated to the Department of Health.

The forum will also serve to highlight the concerns around the delay in the implementation of the SRS funding decision, and the negative impact this has on the well being of those affected in the trans* community. 

The decision to fund gender confirming surgeries was announced by the previous NDP Government in June of 2013, however prior to the provincial election, Liberal Party leader, Stephen McNeil also signed a commitment letter, stating that a Liberal Government would uphold and implement this decision, and would direct the Department of Health to implement this policy on a timely basis and in consultation with the community.

There are many questions that need to be addressed in the implementation of policies.  While discussions at the forum will be participant led, in conjunction with a facilitator, some examples of the areas of concern that have been raised previously include:  Current barriers to accessing timely healthcare services for trans* people, issues around determination of eligibility of people for treatments, determination of the types of surgery that will be covered in general or on an individual basis, where specialized surgeries will be performed when they are unavailable within the province and what out of province care is covered.

While funds are limited, we are eager to have the broadest possible representation from trans* people across the province. If you live outside the Halifax area and are interested in taking part, but need help in getting to Halifax, we will do our best to help. 

NSRAP strongly encourages community members to participate in this forum to ensure a wide range of views and experiences are represented.

Event details are as follows:

Trans* Community Forum on SRS Implementation and Trans* Health Care

When: January 25th, 10am-3pm,

Where: Dalhousie University, Student Union Building (6136 University Avenue), Room 303


10am-12pm: Information session and question panel

  • There will be brief presentations to provide a context for our later discussion. We will address where we are currently with a variety of trans* issues, and what we have accomplished so far.

12pm-1pm: Lunch break

  • A meal will be provided (please contact us with any dietary restrictions)

1pm-3pm: Community Forum

  • A discussion to gather the opinions and concerns of the trans* community. A place to set goals.

This event is open to all ages; the building is a physically accessible space (there is an elevator), with gender neutral washrooms on site.


For more about this event and to RSVP, please visit the Facebook page, or contact NSRAP at nsrap@nsrap.ca, or call directly at (902) 444-3206. Please note that we respect privacy rights of all members of our community. Wherher you contact us online or by telephone, your confidentiality will be ptrotected.

Editor's Note: Kate Shewan serves as Vice-Chair on the Board of Diretors for NSRAP. She has been an outspoken advocate for trans* rights and fully inclusive, fully accessible trans" health care.



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