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Posted by Wayves Volunteer 20/01/2013

Rubin's Memoir a Winner











Laurie Rubin                                                                         

DO YOU DREAM IN COLOR?: INSIGHTS FROM A GIRLWITHOUT SIGHT                                                        

400pp. Seven Stories. $18.95                                                                                                          

ISBN: 9781609804244 


Laurie Rubin's powerful memoir Do You Dream in Color?: Insights from a Girl without Sight –  is a 400 page winner.

A professional singer of art song and opera, with a voice described by New York Times' senior music critic Anthony Tommasini as possessing “earthy, rich and poignant qualities" (you can hear her perform a Rossini aria here); a risk-taker in sport, music, and life, Laurie has been blind since birth. Through developing her other senses she has formed a vivid visual image of the world. Poems bearing the titles of colours sparkle like jewels throughout the narrative, and illuminate her creative impressions of life. Her writing is clear, lyrical, and strong, the use of metaphor beautifully nuanced.

One of Laurie's goals in writing this book -- to help readers better understand the world of the blind -- is achieved through sharing personal stories of challenge and triumph.  While the love and enlightened support of her family provided her with tools for success, her inner strength and tenacity, coupled with a natural joie de vivre, and her relationships with a feisty seeing-eye Lab/Poodle named Mark and a loving partner-in-life, Jenny, extended her education in extraordinary ways.

For queers who have wrestled with internalized homophobia, Laurie's youthful blindphobia provides a startling parallel.  Her happy awakening to her true self as a lesbian is communicated with sensitivity and passion.  Being gay is as natural to her as blindness.

A creator of  artistic fashion jewelry Laurie recently turned this unlikely skill for a blind person into a successful business which continues to complement her income as a professional musician.

Adventurous and gutsy, Laurie Rubin's life reveals thrilling possibilities for all who seek to live life to its fullest.  A must-read for aspiring classical singers, jewelry-makers, musicians, and queer folks of all ages.

Editor's Note: Janet Hammock is a composer, pianist, and holds both both Master and Doctor of Musical Arts degrees from Yale University. After 31 years, she retired from teaching full time and was appointed Professor Emeritus of Music at Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick.

You can see, hear, and learn more of Laurie Rubin here and here.






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