Jeremy Dutcher Records Maliseet Christmas Carols

New Brunswick Two-Spirit Maliseet Jeremy Dutcher has recorded, just in time for Christmas, Lintuwakonol Woli-Nipayimiyan (Songs for a Merry Christmas.)

Jeremy says, "I know this time of year isn't everyones thing, but for those of you looking to get in the spirit of the season, you can now do it in our language. A few months back, a Maliseet speaker from my community asked me to record some Christmas songs in our language. Song is one of the best ways to learn a language, so to my skicinuwas out there, share widely and listen often. May it bring as much holiday joy to you listening as it did to me singing them. Kci-Woliwon 'ciw ciksotuwal naka Woli-Nipayimiyan Psi-te wen!(Many thanks for listening, and Merry Christmas everyone!)"

Rosanne Clarke of Tobique First Nation did the translations of O Holy Night, The Huron Carol, Silent Night, and Ave Maria.

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