Fringe Mini Reviews: Stood Up & Tunnel of Love

Adam Myatt's Stood Up is a delight! His delivery drips with irony as he offers some very wry observations on the quest for coupledom. As much as I loved his humour, I think I loved his style even more, He reminds me a bit of Woody Allen circa 'Annie Hall' in the way he nurtures his neuroses, but Allen on qualudes. I  laughed almost as much during his pauses as I did at his gently self-deprecating jokes! FAB! & FUN! Oddly, it's probably be the perfect show for a first date!

Kevin Hartford's queer credentials are rock solid. However in Tunnel of Love  he's taking a stab at hetero romantic  comedy. Or is he?  Is there such as a genre as existential roma com? Well there is now! How often does a critic get to string "existential" and "rom-com" into a sentence? His source material seems to run from he Tibetan Book of the Dead to Jean-Paul Sartre. Mr. Hartford includes a very cute textual nod to M. Sartre's rather grim play on a similar theme. There is an intriguing hint at the possibility of redemption and/or karma that provides a piquant, unexpected twist at the end.

Keelin Jack's gentle direction  allows her actors and playwright to shine, but offers solid support with a beautifully designed soundscape (iincluding great pre-show music) and a funky but effective major prop.

It is always a delight to see Jessica Barry on stage and Scott Baker does splendidly as well. All in all, Tunnel of Love is a sweet piece of Fringery! Happily recommended!



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