Some Queer Offerings at Atlantic Fringe Festival

Scrolling through the program of the Atlantic Fringe Festival, only a handful of shows that are specifically LGBTQ-related. If one looks a little deeper one will find several plays written ny queer artists or featuring queer performances. As we approach the final weekend, Wayves to highlight the shows we know about. If you're a Fringe artist and you identfy as LGBTQ, and we've missed your show. please let us know, and we'll expand the list!


Wayves Talks to Openly Gay By-Election Candidate Rod Wilson

I’m running is because I think the stars have aligned and we have a real opportunity for change. We’ve got a federal and provincial government that are talking to each other. The Conservatives would never meet with the provinces on health care or anything else. Nobody was communicating. Now there’s been a shift in municipal government towards housing, I feel there’s an amazing opportunity in the next two to four years, If we don’t maximize that opportunity who knows when it’s going to come around again, when all three governments can align on health care, housing, and transportation.


Jim Bain Obituary "He was a great big, gentle Bear." We'll miss him.

"In 1999, ... Jim wrote Wayves a precise and robustly logical letter telling us to pull up our socks, produce a decent publication, and act more like a business. He soon convinced Wayves that we needed him, designed his own job, set his own pay scale, and begun putting the magazine in the black, every month, for almost fifteen years, until we stopped print publication. Jim worked tirelessly  to maintain the magazine on a solid financial footing, making it an essentialresource for the LGBT community in Atlantic Canada. Jim was a fierce advocate for the LGBT Community. In addition to his work for Wayves, in the 1990s, he served on the Board of Directors of the AIDS Coalition of Nova Scotia and was involved in MAC Leather."




Queer Acts Review: Gavin Crawford "Friend" "Like" #Me. GO SEE IT!

"For all his bite, he never comes across as cruel. Even when he made squirm, lampooning a pompous theatre artiste (in two centuries!!) although it hit close to home, I had to laugh. He makes it safe to laugh, and that takes skill as much as talent. No matter how savagely he rips into his targets, he's every bit as hard on himself, and his comedic neuroses are bravely on disply. Through it all he remains essentially a nice gay guy from small town Alberta. By the bye, apropos of nothing (except how damn good this show is), I laughed pretty much non-stop from the opening voiceover to the final bow."


Queer Acts Review: Castrati: An Electro Drag Opera. Seriously Hilarious & Hilariously Serious

"And is it ever Queer! Nothing short of a relentless, singing-dancing, full frontal, technicolour assault, replete with queer cultural references from Harry Hay’s Radical Faeries to hippy drag queens, the Coquettes and Lindsay Kemp from Bel Canto to The B52s and even Frazer’s The Golden Bough. Hovering over it all the is spirit of David Bowie circa the divine Ziggy, giving a fake onstage blow-job to Mick Ronson. As fun as all these references (real or imagined) may be, Castrati is in and of itself a delightful romp, set to wild song, with hallucinatory projections that range from the ridiculous to the sublimely beautiful.. HIghly recommended!"


Review: Many Loves' Tender Mercy in Love and Death

"The themes are Love and Death, and as with any play about death it is entirely concerned with life; particularly with the ephemera that accumulate into a life lived or a love fulfilled: phone messages, train trips, mums and dads, hobbies, vacations, growing old. ...

"Many Loves is a tender, playful, ritualized exploration of that nexus. In its last magical moments it brings us full circle, back to the joyful beginnings of life; ever-renewing, ever-lasting.You have two chances to see Many Loves at Queer Acts theatre Festival: tonight at 7:30pm; Saturday at 9:00pm. I highly recommend it."


Free Theatre Tickets For Youth

Organizers of the Queer Acts Theatre Festival, running from July 13-17, are proud to announce that LGBTQ+ youth 20 years of age and under will be offered free rush tickets to performances at the 2016 Queer Acts Theatre Festival. Queer Acts calls these free tickets for youth, Fierce Freebies.



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