Reviews: The Imitation Game

On December 11, a handful of Wayves writers and friends watched a media preview of The Imitation Game, the new biographical movie about computer pioneer Alan Turing. The theatre at Empire Bayers Lake was completely filled for the Thursday evening preview show.

It seems each of us got something very different from the movie.


NSRAP Fundraiser Postponed to Future Date!

"NSRAP Regrets to announce the postponement of Fruits of the Vine wine-tasting fundraiser, originally scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 15, to a future date.  We thank those who supported the event and all pre-purchased tickets will be refunded in full.We are proceeding with plans for our annual Gala, which will take place on February 7th, 2015 at the Halifax Marriot Harbourfront Hotel."


COMING OUT: Now VS Then - The Youth & Elders Project

HALIFAX, NS—How different was coming out in the 60s, 70s or 80s compared to coming out in the last 10 years? On Saturday, Nov. 15 the Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project’s Youth & Elders Project will present a panel discussion on coming out from the perspectives of LGBTQ youth today (those under 25) and commnity elders (those over 50).


Leighann Wichman and Scott Jones Named as 2014 Community Heroes

'"The spirit and tenacity behind Leighann’s years of quiet dedication to improving the lives of LGBTQ youth and Scott’s compassionate, transformative response to a personal crisis are at the very heart of what these awards are about,” said Kate Shewan, NSRAP board chair. “Leighann and Scott, one working behind the scenes for years and the other very much in the public eye, are connected by a shared humility and a passionate commitment to serving our community.” '


Music & Ceramics Combine: Queer Composers Celebrate Camp Fires

"The music chosen for this concert concentrates on two aspects of this exhibit. The first focuses on the idea of the Baroque, that elaborate and busy style in architecture, art, and music that delights the eye and the ear with its ornamentation and complexities ...The second aspect of our concert is the concept “camp,” the art of creating works that are audacious, sometimes ridiculous, works that take the norms of established aesthetics and develop them to the extreme."



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