Kansas Kicks the Can – And Kills It!

Fringe Review: My Funeral: the Dry Run: "It was my pleasure to be part of the standing-room-only crowd queuing to attend Jane Kansas' autobiographical joyride 'My Funeral: the dry run', an Atlantic Fringe show I highly recommend ... this profoundly comedic monologue runs under an hour, which seems to fly by, [and] spans a lifetime."


Internationally we must support existing LGBT movements, not 'save' them

"When promoting LGBT issues internationally we should try to situate ourselves in the political, social, and economic context in order to prevent our efforts from misfiring. Acceptance of LGBT people doesn't happen overnight, can't be forced upon a population, and isn't just handed down by enlightened politicians- it happens through a prolonged debate and struggle within a society."

                                     - John Hutton         


Celebrated Queer Historian Complains to Halifax Pride Over Israeli Tourism Presence

"Ramona Westgate, the chair of the Pride Committee, arrived very shortly thereafter. She informed me that I could not stay there and continue the conversation and if I wanted to talk to her about it I had to move away from the table. Basically it seemed that I had no right to talk to people at the Tel Aviv tourism booth in any critical fashion. I found this an infringement on my freedom of speech."

- Activist Gary Kinsman in open letter to Halifax Pride.


REVIEW: Agokwe Hits the Ground Running

Other moments that stood out for me: a breathless, tender story of gay love at first sight (we don’t hear enough of these!); the prayer of a young man to his Creator, begging to be changed; the heartbreaking grief of a parent for a lost child; the deliciously comic reasoning of why the male G-spot is where it is.


Doug Melanson: farewell to Halifax

Doug Melanson is comfy on the big sectional couch in his Fairview living room. He's in a black T-shirt and jeans, and lovely two-tone sneakers. His trimmed beard frames a square face with pink cheeks that will look like Santa cheeks in a few years, but for now only the beard is grey; his eyebrows and hair are a rich black.


Travel Gay Canada Survey!

Travel Gay Canada and Protean Strategies are conducting a major Canadian study of LGBT consumers. And we need your help.

Your opinions are important, and we encourage you to participate by completing our online survey at:


The survey will take about 20 minutes to complete, and your name will be entered into a draw for a chance to win $500, or one of several VIA Rail travel vouchers. As well, with every completed survey, we will be make a $1.00 donation to help stop bullying.


Theatre Review: Was Mary Magdalene a Fag Hag?

"The only thing I didn’t like about this play is that right now, the little company is getting ready to take it to the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival at the beginning of May, so you have limited time to see it.  It plays April 11th and 12th at MenzBar on Gottingen, and you would be doing a very fine thing for yourself to make the time to see it."


Gender Failure: In Depth With Rae Spoon & Ivan Coyote

Wayves:   Why should people go to see Gender Failure?

Rae Spoon:    The likelihood of our being together in Atlantic Canada is rather low… we started to write a show about being trans*, but the more I thought about writing this, I realised that it’s made more complicated by gender identification.  Everyone has SOME sort of gender expectation that they sometimes feel they aren’t fulfilling.  There’s a storytelling/presentation element, but a visual element.  This isn’t a “queer” show, or a “trans” show, but a discussion about the gender binary for everyone.  People are more than welcome to bring their parents!




"It’s funny talking about inspiration for a play about Jesus – the idea of God breathing life into things is so close. I suppose my own story was the inspiration for this play. I have had several significant relationships - friendships, love affairs – in High School and my adult life, with men identifying as Christians."


UNB Law School Pressures Law Society on Trinity Western University

"[Trinity Western], a Christian-based university, requires students to comply with a community covenant that prohibits “sexual intimacy that violates the sacredness of marriage between a man and a woman.” In a case of freedom of religion trumping equality rights, the law school has been approved by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada. UNB Law’s faculty council is rightly concerned about the impact on the legal profession of graduates from a law school that discriminates against its LGBTQ students."



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