I wanna hold your hand….. but what if it isn’t safe?

"Although LGBTQ Canadians have enjoyed equal protections under the law and access to same-sex marriage for quite some time, day-to-day experiences of prejudice and discrimination still exist. One of the most common instances that can lead to such experiences is the simple act of holding hands with the person you love. It’s an act that shouldn’t lead anyone to take notice, but it does. Some people react with happy smiles, but others react with looks of disgust, verbal assaults or physical aggression. Is the solution to stop holding hands and effectively take our relationships back into the closet?" Dr. Karen L. Blair


Solidarity Halifax’s Peoples History Includes NS LGBTQ Struggle

"St. FX History Prof Chris Frazer is well known in Halifax as Drag Artist C. Leah Cruise. Chris will be presenting on queer activism at A People’s History of Nova Scotia. ... Chris will likely be talking about why social equity within the LGBTQ community has been such an uneven development." 


Real Men Get Checked Out!

Eight local gay men are the faces of the recently launched Check Me Out campaign aimed at gay and bi (and bi-curious) men. The smiling models each appear in ads and posters wearing a Check Me Out T-shirt beside the caption “I get checked out... will you?” in what looks like a personal ad.“I liked the idea of ... using someone people might know,” says campaign model and local journalist Simon Thibault.


Art+Activism@NSCAD Host Talk with Visiting Artist Chase Joynt

"I began this project in search of a counter-narrative to my experiences of mastectomy and hysterectomy as they relate to gender and embodiment. What I discovered was an artistic and intellectual collaboration that served to collapse the boundaries of a gendered body as they relate to these surgeries; and conversation that complicated the very notion of a counter-narrative in service of greater things lost and now gained."

                                                                                                            - Award winning artist, Case Joynt


Garry Williamz Delightz Crowdz with Show Tunez at Menz!


On behalf of Wayves, I recently sat down with my friend Garry Williams to chat about his regular, and increasingly popular, Saturday night singalong gig, Show Tunez at Menz Bar. For those who don't know Garry, he's the guiding light of DaPoPo Theatre, one of Halifax's queerest and most political theatre troupes. Garry grew up in Germany, which (to me at least) seems an unlikely place to have fallen in love with that most American of genres, the Broadway musical. But that's just what he did. More after the Jump!


Queer Cancer Researcher Gives Free Talk in Halifax

"On Tuesday, October 1st, Dalhousie’s University's Gender and Health Promotion Studies Unit (GAHPS) and prideHealth are partnering to present  a free, lunch-time talk with Dr. Mary K. Bryson, principal investigator for Cancer's Margins and the Choreography of Knowledge: Toward a Queer Biopolitics and the Mobilization of Public Health Knowledge."


Queer Filmmaker's Series 'Forgive Me' Debuts Tonight with Rave Reviews

Thom Fitzgerald is a busy, busy man! In addition to almost single-handedly saving the Atlantic Fringe Festival, last year Nova Scotia's premiere queer film auteur toured the world with his film, Cloudburst, winning 'Audience Choice' awards at festival after festival. Last fall, he began producing the first of two pilot television series, both of which will feature queer characters and content. Forgive Me premieres tonight and it's getting raves!


Gay Men's Health Researchers Host "Hold Me Tight" Focus Group

"Gay Men's Health researchers Robert Allan and Russell Westhaver are continuing their joint exploration of gay men's relationships. On October 19, they are holding a focus group discussion for gay and bi men on what it's like being in a gay relationship living in a heterosexual society."



Organizers Say "Pride in Pictou a Great Success!"

Posted by Wayves Volunteer 3/09/2013

By Gerard Veldhoven

This July, the Pictou County Rainbow Community had a very successful Pride Week. Since relocating to this area I have discovered that Pictou County is not as conservative minded as some might think. But I never dreamed this first revival of Pictou Pride would be so successful.



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