Gender Failure: In Depth With Rae Spoon & Ivan Coyote

Wayves:   Why should people go to see Gender Failure?

Rae Spoon:    The likelihood of our being together in Atlantic Canada is rather low… we started to write a show about being trans*, but the more I thought about writing this, I realised that it’s made more complicated by gender identification.  Everyone has SOME sort of gender expectation that they sometimes feel they aren’t fulfilling.  There’s a storytelling/presentation element, but a visual element.  This isn’t a “queer” show, or a “trans” show, but a discussion about the gender binary for everyone.  People are more than welcome to bring their parents!




"It’s funny talking about inspiration for a play about Jesus – the idea of God breathing life into things is so close. I suppose my own story was the inspiration for this play. I have had several significant relationships - friendships, love affairs – in High School and my adult life, with men identifying as Christians."


UNB Law School Pressures Law Society on Trinity Western University

"[Trinity Western], a Christian-based university, requires students to comply with a community covenant that prohibits “sexual intimacy that violates the sacredness of marriage between a man and a woman.” In a case of freedom of religion trumping equality rights, the law school has been approved by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada. UNB Law’s faculty council is rightly concerned about the impact on the legal profession of graduates from a law school that discriminates against its LGBTQ students."


India: You're Criminal if You're Gay (A Mother Speaks Out)

"What makes life meaningful is love. The right that makes us human is the right to love. To criminalize the expression of that right is profoundly cruel and inhumane. To acquiesce in such criminalization or, worse, to recriminalize it is to display the very opposite of compassion." 


Gay in Northern Ireland: An Emigrant's Tale

"Terry, not being one to give in, became a key member of the gay rights movement in Derry. Their monumental efforts include holding annual Gay Pride Parades, rallies, and raising awareness, all to the backdrop of staunch Christian protesters with banners proclaiming “Homosexuality is a Sin” and ministers with megaphones trying to drown out the dance beats of Barbara Streisand. But I knew I couldn't stay."


Gender Failure Review: Coyote & Spoon Retire the Gender Binary

"However you choose to read [Gender Failure ...], do yourself the favour of making sure it finds its way into your hands.  You will undoubtedly laugh a bit when you read it, but you might also want to have a tissue handy, in the event of an errant tear.  And when Coyote and Spoon return to Halifax this spring, you should most certainly plan to be there to hear them have the Gender Failure conversation in real time."


Review: Hell-Bent Faustus Fails to Ignite

"Only Pasha Ebrahimi in the title role seemed to be genuinely trying to act the play that Marlowe wrote. Mr. Ebrahimi is gifted with one of the most beautiful voices in the Halifax theatre and it was a lovely respite to close one’s eyes and listen to him. Yet, if he was ever in danger of being mistaken for taking the play seriously, the production swept in to undermine him."


REVIEW: Murderous Musical Delights

"... an interesting story is well told; good actors are playing intriguing characters; a genuinely smart script made us both think and laugh.  We also got to see an original work by a brilliant Canadian team of composer and writers. And it was all fun! Well done, TheatreSpeak. ... You can purchase tickets by contacting the Neptune Box Office directly, or online here. Only three performances left, Tonight, Saturday, Feb. 22: 8:00pm; Sunday, Feb. 23: 2:00pm & 8:00pm" More ...



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