Music & Ceramics Combine: Queer Composers Celebrate Camp Fires

"The music chosen for this concert concentrates on two aspects of this exhibit. The first focuses on the idea of the Baroque, that elaborate and busy style in architecture, art, and music that delights the eye and the ear with its ornamentation and complexities ...The second aspect of our concert is the concept “camp,” the art of creating works that are audacious, sometimes ridiculous, works that take the norms of established aesthetics and develop them to the extreme."


David for Queen: One Play, Two Views Part II (The Bad)

"There are two ways to assess the effectiveness of such an issue-driven play. One has to consider how well it presents its particular topic, and one has to assess how it stands up as an expression of the theatrical art. I would contend that if a play can’t stand on its merits as good theatre, its unlikely to succeed as an advocacy piece. For this reviewer, David for Queen fell short on both counts." - Hugo Dann


NSRAP Opens Nominations for 2014 Community Heroes Awards

“We’re excited about some changes we’ve made” said NSRAP Chair Kate Shewan. “In response to calls to make the awards presentation more accessible to the community from which they spring, we’re going back to our roots with a Turret Club-style community event. Also new this year, we’re accepting nominations until October 17, making it easier for returning students to participate in selecting the honourees."


Wanted: LGBT Elders For Study

MSVU researchers are looking for LGBT individuals 60 years and older (or a few years younger as well!) to participate in confidential focus groups in the HRM for research about end-of-life preparation. We invite people with varied experiences (e.g., you don't need to have engaged in specific end-of-life preparation activities, we are interested in hearing about what might make it challenging for people to do these kind of things as well).


The Khyber - And Still Fighting

"I am so inspired by the history of the Turret Club (which operated between 1977 and 1983) is because it was a 'community-run' gay and lesbian social space ...  the only gay bar of its kind at the time: a social space run for and by members of the gay and lesbian community. The Turret used discos to fund the political work of the Gay Alliance for Equality (GAE), simultaneously creating a venue for political work, meetings, film screenings, cabarets and other vital points of contact for the queer community." - Emily Davidson


Kansas Kicks the Can – And Kills It!

Fringe Review: My Funeral: the Dry Run: "It was my pleasure to be part of the standing-room-only crowd queuing to attend Jane Kansas' autobiographical joyride 'My Funeral: the dry run', an Atlantic Fringe show I highly recommend ... this profoundly comedic monologue runs under an hour, which seems to fly by, [and] spans a lifetime."


Internationally we must support existing LGBT movements, not 'save' them

"When promoting LGBT issues internationally we should try to situate ourselves in the political, social, and economic context in order to prevent our efforts from misfiring. Acceptance of LGBT people doesn't happen overnight, can't be forced upon a population, and isn't just handed down by enlightened politicians- it happens through a prolonged debate and struggle within a society."

                                     - John Hutton         



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