NSRAP Annual General Meeting

NSRAP Annual General Meeting, Wednesday, May 24, 2016

Location: The Khyber, 1880 Hollis Street, Halifax
Time: 6pm

Join us to hear what our organization has accomplished this year, get our bylaws up to date, and elect a new Board of Directors for 2017-18!

Special resolutions will be brought to the membership to amend the NSRAP bylaws. A detailed list of motions for proposed amendments, can be viewed on our website.


Queer Mayworks: Kamp Gets Around & a Decelebration of Canada 150

Kamp, New Waterford Boy, and The Decelebration of Canada 150: all three are must see!T hese three varied performances  and performers are united in their wit and intelligence, transgressive queer spirit, their resistance to oppression and their challenges to conventional histories and identies. We are fortunatr to have them among our story-tellers.


Heist debuts "New Waterford Boy: A Ceilidh"

"Heist is the brainchild and new creative platform for Richie Wilcox and Aaron Collier. The company is committed to creating, producing and presenting innovative, genre-bending and queerly playful performances in Halifax and beyond. Wilcox describes New Waterford Boy as "“This is a tribute to the Cape Breton man I never was and never will be.”


Bans, Boycotts and Where Do We Go From Here? III

"I was dumbfounded when I learned in 2014 that Halifax Pride had licensed the Atlantic Jewish Council to promote LGBTQ tourism to Tel Aviv at the Community Fair, including Pinkwashing materials from Size Doesn’t Matter. Quite apart from the enormous strain that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict had placed on their sister organization, Toronto Pride, what did Halifax Pride imagine the AJC's presence would achieve?"


Bans, Boycotts and Where Do We Go From Here? II

"The noisy disruptions, the lack of provision for proper discussion time, a series of conflicting, mutually exclusive resolutions, voting by show of hands rather than secret ballot and /or ranked ballot all contributed to the divisiveness  and feelings of usurpation on the part of the Queer/Trans Community. Even Roberts Rules of Order seemed to support a feeling of white, privilege and Eurocentric forms of governance shutting out Black , indigenous voices and those of Queer/Trans People of Colour." - Hugo Dann



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