Review: Halifax Gay Men's Choir

Wow! Applause was not enough! Not quite tan shoes with pink shoelaces, but from the moment director Bryan Crocker’s red soles and laces hit the podium, the energy of the evening was unstoppable.


Gender Pronouns & Two Spirit People

As Two Spirit I’m not offended when someone calls me she or her, it’s actually a compliment in my eyes, because it’s honouring the powerful feminine aspect of myself, which is a way I honour all the beautiful and powerful women who took part in raising me all my life.


Report: Social Isolation of LGBTQ Seniors

In the fall of 2018, Employment & Social Development Canada released a report on social isolation of LGBTQ seniors in Canada, as part of a larger report on social isolation of seniors. It defines social isolation as, "a situation in which someone has infrequent and/or poor-quality contact with other people" which, like being LGBTQ itself, is a spectrum.



How It Was Made - 2011

June 2011

During the month, regular volunteers and correspondents write articles, and we actively solicit material
from anyone who's involved with gay/les/bi/trans (and friends) events, news, ssues, and activities in Atlantic Canada.

The magazine's "editorial" content comes in electronically, and is previewed by a volunteer and stored in a content database. A volunteer maintains the Groups and Services, Events Calendar, and Classifieds sections.

A commissioned rep sells ads to pay for production and mailout.


Ed Savage, Boom Boom

24 February 1967 - 5 March, 2019

By Jason Spurrell, Rouge Fatale

Ed Savage. He was a well known name in our community. Not by this name, but by Boom Boom Lubalicious. Drag performer, entertainer, philanthropist, Pride Chair, Empress, Father, Mother, husband and friend. 



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