Conversion therapy advocates endangering queer youth

Halifax • 2018-06-18 • By Jordan Parker

Someone recently said to me, "When you're gay, you don't just come out once. You come out every time you meet someone new."

For a large sample size of the LGBTQI2S community, there's that original, fearful and honest moment with your friends, family and those closest to you.

But we meet new people, co-workers, associates, significant others of friends and any manner of others who intersect in our lives every day. We are consistently reaffirming who we are.


Job Posting: Wayves Ad Sales Rep


The next position we need refilled is Ad Sales Rep.  This is the person who receives inquiries about ad sales, contacts existing advertisers about renewing, and approaches new businesses, NGOs, etc. for new ads.

If you know of someone who might be interested in this, please forward this to them.



Moncton River of Pride Responds to "No Crosswalks" Ruling

2018-06-04 • Moncton

River of Pride, South-Eastern New Brunswick’s LGBTQ+ community organization, has had the pleasure of collaborating with municipalities for many years now in their support of sexual and gender diversity. Unfortunately, the Province of New Brunswick has asked municipalities in our region to no longer paint rainbow crosswalks on provincial roads, which restricts their ability to show their support to the LGBTQ+ community. 


Craigslist Personals Moved

Lots of LGBT+ folk used Craigslist to find partners of one form or another. If so, you've probably noticed that the Personals section has disappeared. We haven't checked with Craigslist about the reasoning behind this (the law was passed forbidding them in the USA, not here) but personals have moved to here:

Notice that there are missing provinces. The initial page gives you links to request new areas.


Canadian Trans Youth Health Survey

Halifax locals Jacqueline Gahagan & Kirk Furlotte were on the team conducting a survey of trans youth in Canada. The survey had 923 trans youth participants from all 10 provinces and one of the territories and included somewhat different questions for younger (14-18 years) and older (19-25 years) trans youth about a wide range of life experiences and behaviours that influence young people’s health. This national report is a first snapshot of survey results.


Courage Roundup for LGBT Alcoholics, Addicts & Friends

Halifax • 2018-04-30

The first weekend of August will see the 30th annual gathering of recovering LGBT alcoholics, addicts, and friends. Organizer Dale C says, "If your life has been affected by alcohol or other drugs, and you want to make a change, you're welcome to attend."



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