Hold Fast Café

In late 2019, Hold Fast Café opened in Halifax's north end.  Owner Ian MacLeod describes it as "a small but cute start-up, a space where everyone feels welcome." 


February 2020 Youth Project Special General Meeting

Forty-six people gathered at the Halifax Library for a Special General Meeting of the Youth Project.  The meeting was called to elect a new board, as the entire current board was resigning - in any organization, a catastrophic event.


Trans folk: changing your name with Equifax & TransUnion

I had to get a credit check done, and realized that that would pull up my dead name and immediately out me. I contacted Equifax (one of two credit check companies in Canada - the other is TransUnion) about how to change my name with them, and this is the info I got back:


New Halifax Queer Orchestra

I started the group as a way to walk the walk in addition to talking the talk. I have been running a website called www.classicalqueer.com for a year.  After a year of talking to these amazing performers about being queer artists working in a largely heterosexual world, I figured I should start something of my own.


Public Meeting: LGBTQ2SI Seniors Housing

LGBTQ2SI Canadians experience a variety of challenges to accessing safe, affordable and culturally appropriate housing and housing supports. While discussions around “healthy aging in place” exist, many provinces, including Nova Scotia, have yet to create adequate housing models, policies, and housing options for our diverse populations.


Review: Halifax Gay Men's Choir

Wow! Applause was not enough! Not quite tan shoes with pink shoelaces, but from the moment director Bryan Crocker’s red soles and laces hit the podium, the energy of the evening was unstoppable.


Gender Pronouns & Two Spirit People

As Two Spirit I’m not offended when someone calls me she or her, it’s actually a compliment in my eyes, because it’s honouring the powerful feminine aspect of myself, which is a way I honour all the beautiful and powerful women who took part in raising me all my life.


Report: Social Isolation of LGBTQ Seniors

In the fall of 2018, Employment & Social Development Canada released a report on social isolation of LGBTQ seniors in Canada, as part of a larger report on social isolation of seniors. It defines social isolation as, "a situation in which someone has infrequent and/or poor-quality contact with other people" which, like being LGBTQ itself, is a spectrum.




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