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OUTeast (June 22) 3 PM: LES INVISIBLES

Les Invisibles tells the stories of elderly women and men, pioneers in the gay and lesbian movement in France. Born in the years of peace following  World War One, all lived through the Second World War and the NAZI Occupation, the student riots of 1968, and all the long years when homosexuality was regarded as a mental illness ... Director Sebastien Lifshitz shows us who the real heroes are through beautiful and charming storytelling and some of the most loveable characters you will ever meet.


JUNE 20, 7:30 PM at OUTeast Film Fest "I AM DIVINE!"

"Divine is a poster child for misspent youth.”  [Fimmaker Jeffrey Schwarz] went on to tell the North Adams Transcript, “I feel like it's the right moment, it's in the national conversation. One of the reviews said it was sort of like an ‘It Gets Better' video on angel dust and I kind of agree with that, even though Divine wasn't really into angel dust.”


Wabanaki 2-Spirit Community Reclaims its Past

The Wabanaki 2-Spirt Alliance is a group of 2 Spirited people who live in what is known as Atlantic Canada. The first gathering of this group was held in Rexton New Brunswick in 1995 and it took 17 years to hold the second gathering. This gathering was held at a Spiritually significant Mi'kmaq place, Liscombe Lodge in Liscombe Mills NS. A smaller 2nd gathering was held in Dartmouth a year later.


UPDATED! June 20-29, MUST SEE! OUTeast & Khyber Arts Present: I have come to ask you to tell me everything you know about the night

"MUST SEES THIS WEEK: Montreal-born artist Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay debuts new works commissioned by Halifax’s OUTeast queer film festival June 20 from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Khyber Centre for the Arts. For the two new works—Night Bird and Nightwood—Ramsay has transformed spaces in the Khyber building like its turret room, drawing on the building’s multifarious history which has included a turn as the city’s first gay social club." - CANADIANART


BREAKING NEWS!! NSRAP Reports Good Development on SRS Funding

Supporters should continue to make sure their support is known! There will be further steps from here, and we can't let up the pressure. Continuing ground level support on our side continues to be key. So it's important that supporters:

  • continue to contact the Minister & MLAs to reaffirm your support for funding of SRS.
  • contact the opposition parties and ask them to state their support for SRS funding.
  • write letters to the editor in support.


Uniting the Rainbow for Trans* Health

"Now the government has politely, but clearly said, “No!” Do we respond by going back to square one? Or do we rethink our approach, incorporating the newer, more flexible standards of care? Can we use this as a teachable moment to educate ourselves, and the broader public about trans* health and trans* rights? Could this be the issue to galvanize the whole Rainbow Community in a bid for full equality?"



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