Hate Crimes Against LGBTQ Canadians Increase by 10%!

“Every single Minister of Education in this country needs to take these number very seriously,” continued [Egale's Helen] Kennedy. “Until we implement explicit policies and programs to address homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in every region of this country, we cannot begin to hope to end the violence, harassment and hate crime that our LGBTQ youth have come to see as a fact of life.”


Queer Acts Theatre Festival: Lineup & Schedule

Queer Acts, Halifax Pride’s LGBTQ theatre festival, returns this summer from Thursday, July 18th to Sunday, July 21st with five productions for diverse audiences. This years’ festival offers Country Song, an ode to country music by Lee-Anne Poole; Litmus Road, a conspiracy theory drama by Evan Brown; Jet Legs, a stand-up and sketch comedy variety show, and two pieces from young playwrights exploring female sexuality in heteronormative societies, titled Graceful Rebellions and Seventeen.


Halifax Pride Raises the Rainbow, July 18

Proclamation Ceremony kicks off at 5:00 PM on Thursday, July 18. There is no admission fee and both the ceremony and the Mayor's reception are open to the public. It is a wonderful event, Wayves wouldn't miss it for the world! We hope to see you there!!


Anglicans Invite You To The Halifax Parade

You are invited to join Integrity NSPEI in the Halifax Pride Parade on Saturday, July 27th.  The Parade commences at 1:00pm at Lower Water Street, HMCS Dockyard, between Cornwallis St and the MacDonald Bridge.


Women's Weekend at The Mermaid And The Cow

The Mermaid & The Cow Campground is once again hosting a Women's Weekend, July 5th - 7th.

"I'm looking forward to Women's Weekend because there's a great bunch of women coming who will enjoy each other's company, laughing and carrying on," says owner Jane Morrigan. "This year Im especially excited because of the musical entertainment that's lined up. Theresa Malenfant and Katey Day will be joining women around the campfire on Friday night and then they will treat everyone to a fabulous concert in the Gazebo on Saturday night."

Here's the schedule:


OUTeast (June 22) 3 PM: LES INVISIBLES

Les Invisibles tells the stories of elderly women and men, pioneers in the gay and lesbian movement in France. Born in the years of peace following  World War One, all lived through the Second World War and the NAZI Occupation, the student riots of 1968, and all the long years when homosexuality was regarded as a mental illness ... Director Sebastien Lifshitz shows us who the real heroes are through beautiful and charming storytelling and some of the most loveable characters you will ever meet.


JUNE 20, 7:30 PM at OUTeast Film Fest "I AM DIVINE!"

"Divine is a poster child for misspent youth.”  [Fimmaker Jeffrey Schwarz] went on to tell the North Adams Transcript, “I feel like it's the right moment, it's in the national conversation. One of the reviews said it was sort of like an ‘It Gets Better' video on angel dust and I kind of agree with that, even though Divine wasn't really into angel dust.”



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