HIV Prevention Medicine Info Session

PReP: Who's Not Getting It?

Online • 2020-10-29

It’s been nearly 5 years since Health Canada approved PrEP, yet the highly effective HIV prevention tool remains underutilized or out-of-reach for far too many. Despite PrEP becoming increasingly accessible and well-known, critical gaps remain in reaching many men.

The information session is Thursday, October 29,  3-4PM PDT, that's 7-8PM Halifax time.


Survey: Covid Impact for LGBTQ + Canadians

The team at the Center on Sex*Gender, Allostasis and Resilience (CESAR), led by Dr. Robert-Paul Juster, is looking to better understand how the sex, gender and sexual orientation of individuals affect their adaptation to the COVID-19 crisis.


Halifax Pride Early June Update

The Halifax Pride Festival is not cancelled, and the dates remain the same as announced earlier this year. There'll be 11 days of advocacy and celebration from July 16th to the 26th.



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