Halifax Pride February Update

"Having everyone up to date provides the best festival for everyone," said Adam Reid, Pride's long standing Executive Director as he listed the plans as they stand at the end of February.


New Brunswick film: Entropic

The film Entropic tells the story of an introverted man asked to help the most beautiful person he knows find freedom from the burden of others’ desires.


Film review: Happiest Season

Happiest Season is cozy, fun and heart-warming romantic comedy that celebrates the universal theme of being true to yourself… with a fabulous amount of holiday sparkle added in. The film allows us to “see the forest for the (Christmas) trees”


Writing a novel and owning your voice

Unconventional Daughters is the story of an atypical Nova Scotian family inextricably linked through adoption, deception, sibling rivalries, mental health issues, personal triumphs, and battles — set against a backdrop of tumultuous times in early 20th century Canada and Sweden.


Post-Pandemic Places To Go: Key West

A travel piece, to remind you that there was a time before we were stuck at home — and to make you think about what you’re going to do after.

Halifax-based travel writer Bruce Bishop has curated a perfectly queer visit to Key West for Wayves readers — we’ll have another travel piece by Bruce in early January.


Do you want to write for $$, for Wayves?

Publisher Dan MacKay • Halifax - 2020-11-17

Please forward to interested people or lists.

Throughout its history, Wayves Magazine has operated entirely on volunteer journalism; it was necessary because the cost of printing and distributing the magazine used every scrap of cash we brought in via adverising.  This worked out pretty well, though; over 25 years we published… maybe 200,000 words of very good journalism and editorial a year, over five million words of great writing altogether, and connected tens of thousands of customers with advertisers.



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