James Neish & "Nova Scotia Stronger Together"

The hugging lions on the flag? I thought about it a few days after the terrible shooting that happened in Nova Scotia. I had been reading several status updates on facebook and I just felt compelled to connect to my community and express my feelings in the best way that I knew how. It's two pieces, entitled "Nova Scotia Stronger Together."


Untoxicated Queers: a new addictions group

Untoxicated Queers will be organizing a support group and sober events using the Harm Reduction model, that is, the idea that working with people who are doing less addictive behaviours, works better than requiring complete abstinence. We come together to support and help queer folks in Nova Scotia to talk about about problematic substance use and addictive behaviours of all kinds. 


Review: Rand Gaynor's New Old Stories

I was initially doubtful when asked to review Rand Gaynor’s New Old Stories. Being neither a literary scholar nor a fiction writer, would I have anything useful to say? Reading short stories, however, is a bit of a passion, an enthusiasm honed decades ago when my first fulltime job at the Nova Scotia Hospital required two bus rides plus a trip on the ferry: what better to occupy travel time than reading a story one could finish on a single leg of a commute?


Coronavirus Disease & Sex

2020-03-27 • New York City Health Department

heart on rainbow graphicPeople should stay home and minimize contact with others to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

But can you have sex?

Here are some tips for how to enjoy sex and to avoid spreading COVID-19.


Crossing our fingers for a state of cautiousness coming soon

Halifax • 2020-04-24 • Story & Photos By Bruce Bishop • Special to Wayves

Bruce Bishop (he/him/his) is a Halifax-based freelance writer who has had articles and photographs published in print and online in Canada, the USA, the UK and Australia since 1994. His focus had been and continues to be the international travel industry, and in Wayves we'll initially read some of his insights on gay-friendly places he's visited around the world. Future stories will include profiles of interesting people in our community, but always with a global outlook.



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