Honest To God: Bridgewater United Church Celebrates Becoming "Affirming"

Open and Affirming is an official designation in the United Church asserting the full inclusion of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender persons in the church's life and ministry. Many United churches are Affirming but it's always a thoughtful and sometimes protracted and divisive journey, and a bit of a risk, for a congregation, so the finalization of it is a special event.


Youth Project Reinstates Kate Shewan

2018-12-10 • Halifax • Halifax Youth Project Press Release

The Youth Project is pleased to announce that Kate Shewan has returned to her responsibilities as Executive Director of the Youth Project. Ms. Shewan has resumed her leadership of the daily operations, personnel, and programming of the organization on a permanent basis.

Ms. Shewan has served as Executive Director of the Youth Project since 2015. Under her leadership, the Youth Project has expanded its activities in support of 2SLGBTQ+ youth and increased the organization’s presence throughout the Province.


Eric Smith Wins Human Rights Award

December 10, 2018Halifax • 2018-12-10

On Monday, long-time activist Eric Smith received an award for his advocacy for the protection of people with HIV/AIDS and for those within the 2SLGBTIQ+ community from discrimination at the 2018 Nova Scotia Human Rights Awards.


2018-11-24 Youth Project Extraordinary General Meeting

Halifax Youth Project Extraordinary General Meeting

November 24, 2018, Glitter Bean Café, Spring Garden Road, Halifax

Transcription by Wayves Magazine

Items which got snapping/ applause are highlighted. (“snapping” means snapping fingers, equivalent to applause in the Spoken Word community.)


1. Setting Up

Setting up a giant easel - 4’ x 8’.  It will become a graphic document of the evening.


Stageplay KAMP finds the humour in tragedy

Teaming up with Neptune Theatre and Eastern Front Theatre, the writer and composer/lyricist have put together KAMP, a play about gay prisoners who begin a cabaret while in a Nazi concentration camp in WWII


Queer Highlights of the Film Festival!

HALIFAX • Jordan Parker • 2018-09-13

With the help of FIN Program Director Jason Beaudry, Wayves presents a comprehensive list of queer cinema you can't miss.


This film is directed by queer filmmaker Thom Fitzgerald and is based on the life of queer playwright Lee-Ann Poole.

It shows the struggle of Belle, who told her Conservative mother she was a lesbian in her teens. Now, she comes home to Nova Scotia for her dad's funeral, and has to tell her mother that she's in a relationship with a cis man.


Upcoming Gay Mens' Health Webinars

The Community-Based Research Centre for Gay Men’s Health (CBRC) has several upcoming webinars of interest for those who work with gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (gbMSM).  

Loneliness – in collaboration with Ontario’s Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance

These webinars will begin with an exploration of the concept of loneliness and its impacts on behaviour. It will then move on to explore risk factors specific to gbMSM and best ways to reduce and prevent loneliness.

A two-part series:


Halifax Pride celebrates inclusion for 2018

"There are always a million things going through our heads, and this programming has been months in the making. We have been filling in a lot of details, but I don't often feel this good going in," says Adam Reid, Halifax Pride's executive director



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