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Fredericton Pride 2024

The show must go on! Here's the grass roots Fredericton Pride calendar, and what information we have about Fierté Fredericton Pride's cancellation of the festival just hours before it was to begin.


32 minutes ago

Lesbian Invisibility: When a hate crime is not taken quite so seriously

On the eve of Saturday June 23, Emma MacLean and her girlfriend Tori were out celebrating MacLean’s birthday in downtown Halifax. What started as sexually demeaning comments turned quickly into homophobic slurs.


9 hours ago

Atlantic Canada Pride Festivals

Fredericton Pride CANCELLED


11 hours ago

Q Theatre Festival: Submit!

OutFest is the largest Q theatre festival in Atlantic Canada and in April, will be celebrating its tenth anniversary. There's an information session on Sunday.


23 hours ago

Assault Bystander Intervention

When and how should you intervene when you see a situation where someone's being assaulted - or one that could escalate to that?


1 day ago

A single gay woman on & off grid in Nova Scotia

I've been a single gay woman all my life, and, living off grid is becoming the norm again! With the growing gap between those that have and those that have not, there are going to be plenty of people looking for a better way of life.


6 days ago

Wayves Reboot Week 70

The Wayves news machine is up and running - and once again registered as an organization with the Province of Nova Scotia.


1 week ago

Queer and Trans Therapists of Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia now has a directory of Q therapists, FOR Q patients!


2 weeks ago

Review: Threads by Jeffrey Round

The poetry collection reveals love as a tapestry of erotic ecstasy, heartbreak, rueful burning, tender secret, and sometimes cold emptiness.


3 weeks ago

Business Profile: Moncton's O Strategies

Moncton's O Strategies has joined Canada's 2SLGBTQI+ Chamber of Commerce; owner Myriane Oullette says it feels like the company is “coming out” to the community -- and that's a cause for celebration.


4 weeks ago