Eastern Shore's Gallery Art Space

By Garry Williams • Eastern Shore, NS • 2021-07 


Anthea Taljaard says she has something for everyone.

The Eastern Shore's Gallery is an art space with business savvy. The Gallery started last July, and expanded in November. With art and merchandise ranging anywhere from $10 - $2,000, the Gallery runs year-round, boasting a weekend market.

Taljaard came from South Africa through the Middle East. “My wife and I decided Toronto wasn’t for us.” Taljaard didn’t feel like going back to corporate big business, despite a business background.

Starting with twenty artists and crafters, Taljaard now represents seventy three, including LGBT, indigenous, Black artists, women, men, old and young.

“A lot of artists do a lot of hobby work,” says Taljaard. “We want to get to the point that people can actually create an artistic career. It’s amazing how much talent there is on Eastern Shore, but everyone creates in isolation. It’s time to pull it all together.”

“All of the art is reflective of the Shore in some way,” says Taljaard, be that in materials or subject matter.

Taljaard runs the Gallery with her wife and their Yorkshire terrier. “Biscuit is our Customer service assistant, who likes to greet everybody.” Taljaard says she is happy to help customers find something that suits them. “I am very good at hiding products for customers to find!”

Although the Gallery survived COVID, the pandemic has been particularly tough for Taljaard. “We’re wanting to kind of explode a bit.” Despite not being in downtown Halifax, Taljaard sees the Gallery as a destination.

“We have a quip,” says Taljaard, “that the Eastern Shore is the forgotten shore. We want to get it back on the front page.”

Eastern Shore's Gallery is located at 8990 Nova Scotia Trunk 7, Head of Jeddore, just east of Musquodoboit Harbour, and their website is here.

In August, the Gallery will be part of Musquodoboit Pride Festival on August 28 & 29. What better time to make it a destination? Here's there schedule, updated it evolves.

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