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Eastern Front’s Stages Festival BIPOC, Trans, and Lesbian Voices Front and Centre

Halifax • 2021-06-04

“All the world’s a stage”, quips Jacques in Shakespeare’s As You Like It, “[the] acts being seven ages.” Well, Eastern Front does him one better!

From June 4th-11th, Eastern Front Theatre’s on-line STAGES Festival delivers more than sixteen acts, featuring artists and work at different stages of development (sans Shakespeare!). This year’s ambitious line-up delivers variety, diversity, lots of queer content with BIPOC, trans, gender queer, ACE, and lesbian voices front and centre.

The week-long Festival includes and celebrates queer artists, stories and events such as Love, Peace, & Hairgrease, Space Girls, Stages of Emancipation: An Experiment in Queer Emancipation, No Country For They/Thems, Hello City, Crpythand, Quietly, Journey to the Zone, Encoding Community Narratives In Our Art, and Pop-Up Love Party.

The Virtual Festival Pass gives access to all of these shows and readings. Festival Passes are available on a sliding scale to allow you to pay what you can afford. More info at