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September 20 Counter Protest


Anti-bigotry counter protests are being organized in five cities in Atlantic Canada.

On September 20th, groups of anti-trans bigots organising under the name “Hands Off Our Kids” are gathering to advocate the furthering of attacks on trans and queer youth.

We are asking that  queer people and our allies also gather to disrupt their organising and remind them that their attacks on queer youth will not be tolerated.

Let us go down there and remind them that, as our forebears said:

We’re here - We’re queer - Get used to it!

Drums, pots and pans, noisemakers of all kinds are encouraged.    
If they're coming to make their bigotry heard, let's drown them out

We encourage people to dress in black and bring masks both as a covid precaution and to protect our identities

We respect a diversity of tactics and will honour all expressions of queer rage.

Tell your friends you're going and stay informed of updates: click on the city name to get to the Facebook event:

Here's the full list of counter protests across Canada.