ACNS Bid For Change 2021

ACNS' Chris AucoinHalifax • 2021-11-13

The AIDS Coalition of Nova Scotia's BMO Bid for Change marks its first fundraising event in nearly two years, and they have big things in store.

The fully online event may look a lot different than attendees are used to, but the online auction features a whirlwind number of prizes and intrigue for everyone.

Featuring a live-streamed event November 19, during which auction item winners will be announced, Bid sees executive director Chris Aucoin spearheading the major fundraiser, which has in the past been marked by a gala.

“It's been a long time since we've been able to raise money needed to move forward the goals and aspirations of ACNS, but we can't wait to bring this event to our supporters,” said Aucoin.

“This 'no-gala gala' may not be the dinner and soirée people are used to, but it gives everyone a chance to bid on fantastic items from the comfort of their homes. We want people to take note of the new format – with the advance online auctions for example - so they don’t miss out.”

The BMO Bid for Life auction is open for bidding until Nov. 18, and as part of the November 19 live-streamed event, there will be a fantastic door prize including two nights in a one-bedroom oceanfront cottage for two at the White Point Beach Resort, a weekend car rental and $300 spending cash available for a lucky winner.

Aucoin says that these items must not be missed. “We made sure that we had a bit of everything this year. There are fitness packages, early holiday shopping packages, staycation items, arts & entertainment wares, a huge collection of art and wine, alcohol, and food and pet-related items,” he said. “Chief among them, though, is a priceless package of two WestJet tickets for anywhere in the world they fly.”

Aucoin wishes the event could have been in-person and featured a way to get everyone back together again, but as a non-profit that focuses on the health of the immunocompromised, he knew an online event was the best option right now.

“Here at ACNS, we focus on education, reducing stigma and awareness, but we also act as a main support for those living with HIV/AIDS. We wanted to lead by example and do the best thing in the interest of public health and safety,” he said.

“I have full confidence that next year, we will be able to come back together for an incredible 2022 event.”

Along with a huge auction, BMO Bid for Change – a spin-off of the annual Bid for Life – marks an entirely new direction for ACNS.

“This will see a turning point for our organization, and Bid will be a launching pad to start consultation and discussion about what this organization will look like in the future,” he said.

“HIV/AIDS treatment and knowledge has changed so much in recent years, but we still hold a hugely important role in conversations and awareness around prevention and education. We're planning to get the input of our constituents to inform a thoughtful restructuring on moving forward.”

Aucoin encourages community members and interested parties to purchase tickets for the event, so ACNS can continue the crucial work they do in the province.

“We need funds in order to stay the course, and COVID-19 threw a wrench into that. Even though there's no gala, the need for donations to provide our services exists more than ever,” he said.

“There is plenty on offer here that people will be remiss if they miss out on, and we can't wait for everyone to join us for our announcements on November 19th."

Click this link to get tickets, donate or checkout the 2021 iteration of BMO Bid for Change​​​​​​.

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