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Substance Use Harm Reduction Resources

Halifax • 2022-09-09 • Wayves Staff

If you're a substance user or know one, there are harm reduction materials and information available from the AIDS Coalition of Nova Scotia.

Unlike abstinence, that is, recommending that people totally quit using substances, Harm Reduction recognizes that for a variety of reasons, no matter what, some people use alcohol and other drugs and can't just quit. Harm Reduction seeks to improve their health, via being connected to professionals, safer use materials and information.

The ACNS program, called "Peer N Peer" is specifically for Q folk no matter where they are on their substance use and sexual journeys.

Health improvement materials available include: condoms, silicone lube, a safer fisting kit, safer snorting kit, safer injection kit, safer crack/meth kit, fentanyl testing kit, glass stems, brass screens, wooden push sticks, vitamin C, matches, bubble pipes, rubber mouth pieces, syringes, filters, tourniquets, sterile water, cookers, alcohol swabs, naloxone kits, and needles for hormone replacement therapy.

Services include: screening and referrals to medical specialists, counselling and education, all with flexible hours. And sharps disposal.

The order form for supplies is here or you can call or text 902-403-9237.