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Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week

Taking place the week after Valentine’s Day (this year, that’s Feb. 18-24), Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week is a time to raise acceptance and promote visibility for those on the aromantic spectrum. Generally speaking, people who identify as aromantic experience little to no romantic attraction to others. 

From the Aromantic-spectrum Union for Recognition, Education, and Advocacy: “While some people feel no romantic attraction at all, some people feel it rarely, experience it only under certain conditions, have trouble distinguishing between romantic and other types of attraction, or have some other pattern of attraction that doesn’t fit the norm. There are many different terms for these different patterns of attraction but all fit under the broader term aromantic spectrum.”

While aromanticism is often spoken about in conjunction with asexuality, the two identities can exist independent of one another. An individual may identify as a pansexual aromantic, for instance.

Want to learn more about aromantic identities, or looking for more representation? Halifax Public Libraries has compiled this list of book recommendations.

Now go forth and enjoy a week of discounted Valentine’s chocolate with your pals.