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Crescent Moon Cabaret Returns

Photo: a previous show; performer is Lola La Colombe, photo credit: Stoo Metz Photography. Click for a hi-rez.

Dear friends:

I am excited to announce the return of Crescent Moon Cabaret! 

Our upcoming show is a contemporary vaudeville-esque variety show featuring a wide variety of local talent all in one place. From the comedic to the sultry, from the musical to the magical; there is surely something for everyone! 

Like the Vaudeville Shows that inspired us, our Cabaret is chock full of queer performers and queer content: one of our Burlesque numbers is even an ode to the performer’s queer journey. 

Artists featured include: Amanda Rose: Comedian and Host; Kay Licious: Burlesque; Mister O’Mazing: Magician; Logan Wolfe & Avalon Moore: Boylesque; vocalist/accompanist, Luciana Silvestra Fernandes; Dance, Burlesque, Cat McCluskey; Musician and vocalist, Lacia Majora; burlesque, Galaxy; Pole Dancer, Miss Shapen; Stage Kitten Extraordinaire.

Our upcoming show

Crescent Moon Cabaret Presents a Contemporary Vaudeville Revue II 
February 24th, doors at 7:00, show 7:30, at the Bus Stop Theatre, 2203 Gottingen St, Halifax.
Tickets: In Advance: $15/$20, (plus 2 VIP tables available!) at the door: $20/$25; Live stream: suggested $15. Tickets can be purchased in advance on, or you can find a link here.

Crescent Moon Cabaret is a Halifax production company which produces shows that are unlike anything else happening here right now.

Our shows are a contemporary take on the Vaudeville Reviews of the early 20th Century. While we are inspired by traditional, vaudeville variety shows, we recognize that some of the historical elements of those shows are problematic. We prioritize the safety of and care for our performers and have a zero-tolerance policy around discrimination or harassment of any kind.

We prioritize applications made by BIPOC, LGBTQIA2S+, fat, disabled, neurodivergent, or otherwise "non-status quo" performers. We pride ourselves in creating a platform to showcase diverse talent and to bring together performers from a wide range of performance disciplines.

From dancers and musicians to circus performers and burlesque artists, to drag artists and magicians. It is important to us to provide high production values, professional event management and a safe and supportive environment to all those involved and in attendance. We are also striving to be an accessible company, from working in an accessible performance space, to providing live stream tickets, we hope to continue adding accessibility options for performers and audience alike.