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Elderberries needs new team members

From: The Elderberries events team

For maximum long term stability, the Elderberries “board” or team, has volunteers join and leave regularly, and people trade roles.  This is happening over the next few months, so we’re in the “recruit new team members” phase.

The Elderberries is the social and activism group for LGBT Elders in Atlantic Canada. You can read a bit more about the Elderberries here.

At the moment, the Events team needs a new person. It could be you! There’s a description below.

Write back if you can join the team.

About The Job

You’re joining a well-oiled machine so you won’t need to invent anything new unless you want to, and difficulties are few and far between.

The work is not arduous; there are are two kinds:

1. Management Work

The first kind of work is deciding what kind of events we do, what we get involved in, and collectively making decisions about the organization. Mostly we have discussions in email, by Zoom, or face to face.  Figure a couple of hours per month, mostly in front of your computer for this.

2. Running Events

So, our events don’t run themselves; people have to show up to put out plates & cutlery, arrange tables, welcome members, emcee, and clean up later.  Members of the Events team do this too.  It means each month discussing who-does-what and showing up at the event, and very often bringing something.

Again this is a couple hours a month.

If you can help run the Elderberries, write back!