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Earth Spirit Society Interfaith Service in the Annapolis Valley

In Earth Spirit Society, we are diverse together. We acknowledge the spark of Divinity common to us all. We acknowledge our responsibility for our lives and for our lives’ effects. We have many members from the LGBTQ2+ community, and 40% of our Board of Directors belong to that community.

On July 9, a dozen members of the Earth Spirit Society of Nova Scotia gathered at the Oqwa’titek Amphitheatre in Annapolis Royal for a rural, multi-faith service. That size gathering was impressive considering the sweltering conditions. The intense heat even prevented people from being attracted by drumming at the beginning of the service. I shared the mantra of the peace goddess Shanti, and the Shambala Buddhist lead us in a mindfulness meditation.

We lit candles of different colours to represent different faiths and sexual orientations. There was a jar in the centre into which different speakers could pour their choice of colour of sand, depending on their religious denominations: Pagan, Tantric Shivist (Hindu), and Shambala Buddhism. We closed by writing our personal ideas of the connection to the divine on cards, and sharing them with the group, then smudging and crystal healing as the heat would allow.

As we put away the flags, transgender and pride, I noted the many pins on the shirts of my brethren. Even in the small group, so many identities were gathered, and it made me realise that pride is truly everywhere.

I now have the jar on my dinner table. It contains 3 sands, three traditions from just a dozen people. There were at least 3 pins of trans pride on the chests of my associates. So much diversity. The jar is small, but that beginning is important.