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Wayves Reboot Month 3

Well, it has been quite a three months!  Google Analytics tells me that Wayves has served up eighty thousand articles to eleven thousand readers in the last three months!

The new content management software, Drupal 10, which lets us publish articles from the writers with very little effort and no knowledge of graphic design or HTML, has not had a single glitch.  Five stars, thumbs up, recommended, will use again.

On the business side: as you can see we have a few advertisers - brave folks who took a chance on the magazine restarting in a dignified and useful way.

I hope you'll agree, we did.  

We'll be approaching more businesses and organizations over the next few months to fill that out, and you can help: if you as a Q person buy something from a local business, please tell them they should advertise in Wayves.

On the management side: we will eventually need to fill out the volunteer management board for Wayves. If you're interested in getting involved in running the magazine: making decisions about stories, perspectives, and how we spend that advertising money, send us a note at  Or, of course, if you know someone who might, please forward this article to them.

I'd also like to have someone to work with on the social media side. If that grabs you, send me a note.

On the journalism side: we have correspondents ready to tackle the fun stories, and the difficult ones, in Halifax, Cape Breton, and PEI.  If you know someone who wants to write queer news in Atlantic Canada, get them in contact with me at  

And although we have a lot of story ideas, we can’t have ears and eyes everywhere, so if you know of a story germane to our community that needs to get told, please let me know.

And finally, I'm going to ask for your help: it's pretty easy: just frickin' share!! on social media.

Readership, advertising, and "being essential" are the boats equally raised by the tide of you sharing Wavyes posts.

Many thanks. I'm so glad you're along with me on this ride.