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Wayves Reboot Week 70

Whoohooo!! after sixteen years, Wayves Magazine is once again registered with the Nova Scotia Registry of Joint Stock Companies as an operating society!

We started rebooting Wayves in March of 2023. To get advertisers, we needed a reader base. To get readers, we needed well-written, germane, timely, interesting stories. To get that content, we wanted to pay the writers, and for that... that's right, we needed advertising. 

So there's been a lot of chickening-and-egging.

I felt a passion to have Wayves running because -- and I try not to sound like a raving loony here -- it seems to me that we Q folk are going to have a fight on our hands in the next few years, and the... ahh... munitions that I personally have, is a trusted, independent newspaper with fearless writers.

We can predict that if things go bad, social media won't be useful: 

  • advancements in AI will mean that what you read on social media will increasingly be written by AI, run by some company or state, and if those entities want to influence you, they'll do it via your social media friends, and
  • the owners of social media create "the algorithm" which decides what you see and what you don't.

There's been a lot of chickening-and-egging.

So after we got "the machine" up and running with advertisers, writers, articles, and an editorial team, we started the process of re-instating the formally registered society which had ground to a halt after the deaths of my friends and teammates Raymond Taavel and Jim Bain. Thank you to long, long time Wayves team member Jim McMillan for the encouragement, looking over financial reports, and providing signatures. This week, the re-instatement came through:

Society reinstatement document

Thank you very much to the early 2023 advertisers who put their faith in me: Venus Envy, Attune Counselling, Edie Hancock Real Estate, Rosie Porter Real Estate, AIDS Coalition of Nova Scotia, and city councillor Waye Mason.

Our next step, probably this fall, is to have a General Meeting to formally name the people who run Wayves.

How you can help

If you want to join the team in any capacity:

  • making decision,
  • writing news,
  • informing us of news,

or if you know someone who should, if you know of someone who should be an advertiser, contact me!

If you're not being notified of articles already, you can be added by filling out this form!

And, the easiest way to help: when you see a Wayves article, share it on social media. Getting connected to more people is one thing it is good for.