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GAE Origin Story Fundraiser

1972 GAE Newsletter ClipFrom: Publisher Dan MacKay

There is a an exciting piece of gay Halifax history that hasn't been documented precisely, hasn’t been composed as a single story.

It is the story of a bunch of people coming together in 1971 and deciding that something needed to get done, and creating the Gay Alliance for Equality, which was registered fifty years ago this year.

We have a pretty good idea of the who's involved with this, but we don’t have a concise document of why it happened, how people met, and how the organization got set up.

I would like to create a small - about… 1000 word or less … story about this exciting time, that is exciting to read.

The story will be published in time for Pride 2022, and I anticipate that this, like the story of the New York Stonewall Riot, will be re-used and re-read many many times, forever. The oral interviews used as source material, will go into the NS LGBT archives.

I’ve had this project on the spike for over a decade, and this is the year to do it. It will fit in with our big July GAE 50 Year Reunion. And, frankly, the people who were there are getting old.

A regular Wayves writer, Mikaela Gorman, is excited about doing this work and has begun contacting the people who were there, were around the table (and are still, uh, available.) As publisher, I’m beginning the fund raising for it.

If you think this is a worthy project, please contribute. The money will be used mostly to pay Mikaela, to cover research costs, and also to cover publishing costs.

You can donate via any credit card via PayPal, here - choose the "Donate With Credit Card" option using this link.

If you don’t want to use a PayPal and a credit card, you can send a cheque made out to Wayves Magazine, to:

Wayves Magazine
3247 Union Street
Halifax, NS
B3K 5H2

… if you can, mark your cheque “GAE Creation Story" … or you can get a donation to Dan MacKay any other way.
Daniel MacKay (he/him or any)
Publisher, Wayves Magazine