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Halifax Rainbow Encyclopedia 20th Anniversary

Halifax Rainbow Encyclopedia logoHalifax • 2021-11-21

November 21 marks the 20th birthday of the Halifax Rainbow Encyclopedia! The Encyclopedia was brought up a few days or weeks prior to November 21, 2001; we celebrate the first time there was a major promotion of it.

"The goal is to have an article for every person, place, thing and event of significance to the Q community in Halifax, ever," says publisher Dan MacKay, "ahh... and there are lots of articles on things of not quite earthshaking significance."

The Encyclopedia now houses 600,000 words of Halifax Q fact and lore from hundreds of contributors over the years, including:

The Encyclopedia was first called gayHalifax and ran on the creator's dad's computer on the kitchen table; it's moved several times over the years and is now housed in a server room in Robaix, France and is backed up every day to a server in Publisher Dan's basement in the north end of Halifax. The history of edits and changes to articles is kept forever.

Links in most of the articles will take you off on a journey through queer time and space in Halifax and Nova Scotia. If you’d like to contribute, perhaps by writing a biography or autobiography, perhaps by improving an article, get in touch.