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What are Jump Ads?

Jump Ads are wide and flat ads that appear in the middle of almost every Wayves article. They're free to nonprofit Q organizations in Atlantic Canada.

As the reader is going through the article, their eye "Jumps" over the ad, and if it's clearly designed, it gets their attention - just like any ad.  Here's one:

As you can see, messages on these have to be very concise - a tiny logo and a dozen or so words.

There is a pool of Jump Ads, and just before the page is displayed to the reader, one is chosen at random.

Clicking on the ad takes the reader to any page on the Internet - your choice. (If it links to something on Facebook that content may only be readable if they're logged in to Facebook.)  If your organization needs a public page in Wayves or in the Halifax Rainbow Encyclopedia, just ask!

The Jump Ads have one specific size: they are 730px wide and 100px high. You can design the ad yourself, or Wayves has a great graphic designer who can make you one for a modest fee.

If your organization would like a Jump Ad in Wayves, drop us a line!