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The Magic Nexus: a game, a pageant, a brunch!

Lady Karma
Lady Karma

Something magical is afoot in this city!

Step into a realm where fantasy and the art of drag converge, creating a magical spectacle that transcends boundaries and challenges norms. 

The Creator

The Magic Nexus is the creation of Evangeline Farris (she/they), also known as her drag persona, Karma. As a trans woman, Evangeline has had to meet challenges with grace.

Speaking of her game, she says: “I have faced discrimination while working everyday jobs, and it has at times taken such a large toll on my mental health. I didn't back down, or give up. I said to myself that I want to write the next chapter of my story, and I want to uplift others who also have faced such discrimination.” With a commitment to kindness and inclusivity, Lady Karma has dedicated the last several years to building The Magic Nexus world as a heart-offering to underrepresented communities.

The Game

Evangeline is not only a drag artist; she is a storyteller, and The Magic Nexus is not confined to the stage. Unveiling her passion project, a TTRPG (Tabletop Role Playing Game), Evangeline invites everyone to dive into a world where inclusivity is at the core. “At its base, I started this project to provide a space for anyone to be able to see themselves in successful, celebrated, and respectful ways, right from the very beginning. TTRPG have long been an outlet that has provided people with the ability to explore their identity with their friends and loved ones. However, it is not often that underrepresented communities can see themselves in the media.” The Magic Nexus experience is a journey that challenges the status quo and embraces the diversity that makes us all magical. 

The Show

On February 4th, the Spatz Theatre will host The Magic Nexus, an epic fantasy-themed drag show. In this one-of-a-kind event, twelve contestants will embody a different element, weaving together a tapestry of creativity, diversity, and outrageousness.

The Magic Nexus Pageant (Rated PG-16) is also the launch of the game, which will be available for sale along with beautiful prints from the game’s artwork. It’s also Evangeline’s birthday! The evening will be a fantastical journey where Drag Artists of all kinds don elemental personas, bringing to life the magic of fire, water, air, earth, and beyond. The show boasts a lineup of local favorites, each contributing their unique flair to the spectacle. Adding to the allure, two former contestants from RuPaul's Canada's Drag Race: Kiki Coe and Atlantic Canada’s own Irma Gerd, will grace the event as judges, elevating the show's prestige to new heights with performances of their own.

February 4th: 4:30pm Meet & Greet; 6pm Doors Open; 6:30pm: 6pm Show.  At the Spatz Theatre, 1855 Trollope Street.  Tickets: Standard $40; VIP First Choice Seating & Meet Kiki Coe and Irma Gerd: $60. There will be a bar on-site; Gender neutral bathrooms available. Purchase tickets here.

The Brunch 

A brunch fitting into this universe will be held at the Old Triangle on January 28; details here.