Live Art Dance Screens Dance Film : Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men

Posted by Wayves volunteer Hugo Dann 5/04/2013, 12 PM

APRIL 9th | BUS STOP THEATRE | 7PM | $7/$5

The UK’s DV8 Physical Theatre has long been known for challenging works that explore sexual orientation. homophobia, and gender roles in society. Fans of filmmaker Derek Jarman may remember DV8's naked rugby scrum in his film Queer Edward II. Founded and still led by Lloyd Newson in 1986, DV8 has created an illustrious body of stage and film works that continually push the boundaries of what theatre, dance and film can talk about.

Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men was their first stage show to be professionally adapted for film and announced the arrival of a major new dance-on-screen talent. Since this first foray onto the silver screen, DV8 has won numerous international film awards.

Loosely based on the story of serial killer Dennis Nilsen, Dead Dreams of Monochrome Men explores interwoven notions of loneliness, desire and trust. Founded upon the conviction that societal homophobia often results in tragic consequences, the work grapples with the disturbing forces that drove Nilsen to kill for company. Raw, rhythmic and powerful, DDMM loads the screen with muscular tension and desire.

Admission: $7/$5 (general or student/AFCOOP member) Free for Live Art Subscribers (must be reserved in advance)

Location: Bus Stop Theatre, 2203 Gottingen Street

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