UPDATE!! Atlantic Fringe Festivities for Queer Aficionados!

Posted by Wayves volunteer 30/08/2013


By Hugo Dann


There are a number of queer artists and queer themed productions at this year's Atlantic Fringe Festival. We've updated our original list to include two productions by artists who may not be familiar to Halifax audiences: Roller Derby Saved My Soul (Nancy Kenny), and Understudy (Gillian Clark). You can read more about these two shows in the list below. 

Established local queer artists such as Annie Valentina (Alien), GaRRy Williams (Phaedra's Bed), and Richie Wilcox (Unsex'd) are well represented. The always interesting Bill Wood has two offerings (Pissing from Windows Bill Wood is Magic) in this year's Festival! You can also catch some rising queer-identified musical theatre talents on display in the Joss Whedon, Buffy-the-Vampire-Slayer musical, Once More with Feeling.

Below is a list of productions of particular interest to LGBTQ theatregoers, graciously provided to Wayves by Fringe producer Thom Fitzgerald. For detailed information about schedules and Box Office information, check out the Atlantic Fringe Festival website


By Annie Valentina (Halifax, NS); Drama • Parental Guidance; 50 Minutes • $8

Alien is a personal exploration by playwright/performer/noted immigrant Annie Valentina, the reclaiming of a childhood slipped away through the cultural cracks. Reclaiming one's past, culktural differences, this show is bound to resonate with queer audiences. Directed by Margaret Legere. You can find out more about Alien on their Facebook page.

Bend: play about buggery in tough times

By Ian Mullan (Halifax, NS); Drama • Parental Guidance; 45 Minutes • $6

Three friends in the early part of the last century try to remain truthful to one another as their world spins into upheaval.  Set in Halifax at the outbreak of the Great War Bend is about holding onto the past when the future seems uncertain. Check out Bend on Facebook.

Bill Wood is Magic (Halifax, NS)

Magic • For All Ages

35 Minutes • $6

Magic is an art. It's the art of creating wonder. When magic is done well, the rules of the world bend just enough for you to feel a little more free. Bill Wood is a professional comedian and magician and looks forward to charming you into liking magic. If you already like magic, well this is going to be the best show you see all year. Check it out on Facebook. And for those (like Wayves) who can't get enough of Mr. Wood ...

Bill Wood: Pissing From Windows

By Bill Wood, Comedy • Mature Audiences only; 60 Minutes • $8

Life hands out big problems and small answers. For years Bill Wood has been weaving tiny truths into blanket solutions which he drapes over his problems as if they were rips in a couch he's to poor to get rid off.  Luckily Bill doesn't have to go it alone, he's got loads of folks clamouring to give him advice, a Slovakian philosopher who thinks the answer lies in embracing the future, an ancient Turtle who is keen on letting nature take it's course, and a pile of tentacles just trying to make it from one day to the next. Pissing From Windows blends witty writing with realistic characters to create a simple solution to the absurdity of being. Find out more here.

Go To Hell

By Michael Best (Lunenburg, NS); Comedy • Mature Audiences; 60 Minutes • $10

Turns out, the Christians were right – all gays DO go to Hell.  Johnson, a self-absorbed gay lawyer dies rather ignominiously on Hallowe'en evening. After finding himself in one circle of Hell, he immediately tries to negotiate a way out.  But when his best friend's soul is on the line, how far will he go?  A brand new twist on the classic “make a deal with the Devil” story with shout-outs to Dante’s Inferno and The Book of Job. Fans of Best's hilarious Merritt Award-winning play, Gay White Trash, won't want to miss Go To Hell!

Once More With Feeling                                          

By Joss Whedon (USA); Produced by Saints Alive! (Halifax, NS); Musical • For All Ages; 60 Minutes • $10

Another strange occurrence has hit the small town of Sunnydale, California. What can be so bad about random musical outbursts and dance sequences in the middle of the street? It's all fun and games until someone goes up in flames - literally. Once More With Feeling will have you feeling good from start to finish. Check out how Buffy and the gang get themselves out of this one! 

Phaedra's Bed
By Kim Parkhill (Halifax, NS); DaPoPo Theatre Presentation; Parental Guidance, • $7
Personal desires and forbidden lust collide with morality and social convention in a place where past and present, reality and fantasy meet. Inspired by the tragic heroine, Phaedra, this story invites examination of the boundaries placed on love and lust and the consequences for those on the outside. Directed by Halifax queer theatre artist, GaRRy Williams, tackling inter-generational desire, this exploration of female sexuality is bound to be of interest. Find out more here.

Roller Derby Saved My Soul 

By Nancy Kenny (Toronto, ON): Comedy; Parental Guidance; 60 minutes; Tickets $10 

Meet Amy: 30 years old and still watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer reruns in her basement apartment. She can’t roller skate, she isn’t athletic, and she can’t possibly live up to the example set by her über-successful younger sister. But life has bigger plans for Amy. Roller Derby and Superheroes collide in this delightful comedy critics call “perfect escapism and purely satisfying entertainment.” And maybe (just maybe) Amy will finally beat her sister at something. Winner - Outstanding Fringe Production – Ottawa / Winner - Best in Fest - Ottawa Fringe Festival / Winner - Best in Venue - Hamilton Fringe Festival. 


By Gillian Clark (Halifax, NS): Comedy; Parental Guidance; 30 minutes; Tickets $4

Dylan is eight years old, no wait, he is nine. He has just turned nine. You know when you’ve just had a birthday and you always forget how old you actually are? He is officially nine years old. Dylan is struggling with very typical fourth grade problems, such as feeling frustrated that he missed out on being a muse to Shakespeare because he was not alive in 1595. For all he knows, the “fair youth” in many of Shakespeare’s sonnets could have been him. He is also upset because he has been miscast as Sheep #11/ Wiseman #1 Understudy in the upcoming Christmas Pageant. “Understudy” is Dylan’s story of finding his identity through art and he would be so pleased to share it with you. He loves to perform. Directed by Laura Vingoe-Cram Written and performed by Gillian Clark. You can fine Understudy on Facebook here.
(4 performances) 


By Daniel Judes and Jay Whitehead (Theatre Outré, Lethbridge, AB); Comedy • Mature Audiences; 75 Minutes • $10

Master Shakespeare’s new Scottish play is about to premier at the Globe Theatre and all of London is buzzing with anticipation.  But who will play the coveted role of the play’s leading lady? Unsex’d explores the dark and hilarious side of fame as two of London’s most ambitious Elizebethan boy-players curse their fates by selling their souls to the Gods of Fame at the highest possible price.  Completely historically inaccurate, satirically biting and gratuitously crude, Unsex’d is one part All About Eve, one part Macbeth, ten parts TMZ and all parts wicked, nasty, fun. Featuring Adam Beauchese and Jay Whitehead, directed by Nova Scotia's own Richie Wilcox. Check out Unsex'd's cheeky Fabeook page here.

Editor's Note: Fringe poster credit: Shaun Simpson Photography (photo); Myles Sexton (model).

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