Queer Content in the 2017 Fringe Festival!

As usual, the Halifax Fringe Festival is loaded up with fun, thought provoking, beautifully performed queer content - and performers. Below are the shows of particular interest to our community. The full program can be found here.


Presented by Heist, Halifax, NS
Variety • Parental Guidance • $12 • 70 Min

Heist wants to bring you face to face with the outrageous, the sublime, the fierce and the wonderful. A live art cabaret where performers show off their most sickening talents. This hot mess features Manny Dingo, Princess Edward, Dianne Isis, Lickitty Splitt and other special guests and is brought to you by the makers of the Best of Fest 2016 award-winning The Princess Show.

Bus Stop Theatre, 2203 Gottingen Street
(wheelchair accessible with all-gender washrooms)

Saturday September 2, 8:45pm
Sunday September 3, 1:45pm
Monday September 4, 10pm
Tuesday September 5, 7:50pm
Wednesday September 6, 10:05pm

It's A Girl

By Michelle Raine & Alexis Milligan, Halifax, NS
Drama • Mature Audiences • $10/$7 • 50 Min

Trigger warning: discussions about gender, transphobia, mental illness, assault, harassment, and marshmallows. Marshmallows everywhere.

The TNS Living Room, 2353 Agricola Street
(one step up, no washrooms)

Sunday September 3, 9:20pm
Monday September 4, 2:30pm
Saturday September 9, 1:00pm
Sunday September 10, 5:55pm

The Murder Play

By Mark Foster, Halifax, NS

Comedy • Mature Audiences • $8/$5 • 60 Min

The Murder Play follows Herb, Lillian, Corrine, and Max through the seven days between signing a contract and performing a human sacrifice. In a city haunted by a ghastly killer, and under the thumb of the enigmatic cult leader Mendax, the four must fight to find meaning and reason within each other on a sharp deadline. Presented by Taboo Theatre.

The Waiting Room, 6040 Almon St
(wheelchair accessible with an all-gender washroom)

Thursday August 31, 9pm
Friday September 1, 7:45pm
Sunday September 3, 7pm
Monday September 4, 2pm
Thursday September 7, 7pm
Friday September 8, 5:45pm
Saturday September 9, 10pm
Sunday September 10, Noon

Out Late

By Alison Lynne Ward, Mihaly Szabados, and Hanlon McGregor
Vancouver, BC
Comedy/Drama • Mature Audiences • $10 • 70 Min


Unexpectedly Trans, written and performed by Hanlon McGregor, co-written and directed by Mihaly Szabados. A 40-year-old married mother of two–Gina–begins a transition from hetero-seeming cis woman to identify as Dan, a queer, trans father. The play highlights the real-life daily awkwardness of riding the TTC and shopping at the Eaton Centre while trans. No Gold Star, written and performed by Alison Lynne Ward, is a personal account about coming out as a lesbian at age 35. The show explores the ups, the downs, and the unexpected as she steps into this new place of identity.

Plan B Halifax, 2180 Gottingen St
(wheelchair accessible with all-gender washrooms)

Thursday August 31, 9:30pm
Friday September 1, 8:00pm
Sunday September 3, 7pm
Monday September 4, 2pm
Wednesday September 6, 8:30pm
Thursday September 7, 7:30pm & 10:25


The Secret Life of Mother Tamisa

By Tom Niles, Halifax, NS

Comedy • Mature Audiences • PWYW (cash only) • 45 Min

Local actor Tom Niles takes on working with sassy seniors, coming out as queer, and the life of a (sometimes) working actor in this workshop solo show.

Cempoal Calavera Negra Cafe, 2374 Agricola Street
(one step up, small all-gender washroom)

Tuesday September 5, 8:30pm
Thursday September 7, 8:30pm
Saturday September 9, 8:30pm

Stop Kiss

By Diana Son
Presented By Whale Song Theatre, Halifax, NS
Drama • Parental Guidance • $10/$7 • 75 Min

"A poignant and funny play about the ways, both sudden and slow, that lives can change irrevocably," says Variety. After Callie meets Sara, the two unexpectedly fall in love. Their first kiss provokes a violent attack that transforms their lives in a way they could never anticipate.

The Waiting Room, 6040 Almon St
(wheelchair accessible with an all-gender washroom)

Thursday August 31, 7:15pm
Saturday September 2, 3:35pm & 8:30pm
Monday September 4, 6:30pm
Tuesday September 5, 9:30pm
Wednesday September 6, 7:45pm
Saturday September 9, 1:00pm & 7:10pm

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