Halifax broker's book confesses secrets to mortgage success

Clinton Wilkins. Photo Credit: Mark Goudge

HALIFAX • 2018-04-16 • Jordan Parker

Clinton Wilkins remains a humble presence in the home lending community --  despite being crowned as the "$62 million man" in 2011.

During that year, as a member of Centum Home Lenders Ltd., the openly gay broker broke records when he wrote $62-million worth of mortgages in the city.

But the 35-year-old refuses to rest on his laurels, and recenty released a book about his experiences.

"I did the first book by a broker for consumers. People need education, and I can help to teach people about personal finances," said Wilkins.

His 'Confessions of a Halifax Mortgage Broker' saw a book launch last month, and Wilkins says there's more than meets the eye with his published work.

"I tell stories in this book and I follow consumers. I show struggles and situations. Some think lending is borrowing, but it impacts consumers," he said.

"Being a homeowner is the Canadian dream, and it's a realistic goal here in Halifax. This book shows how it can be done."

Wilkins says a steady Halifax market has been a key to success.

"There's never been a huge housing boom here, but there's also never been a bad recession. But I think we may be on the verge of a boom now," he said.

"My goal with this book is to discuss challenges to home buying and show people how it can be done."

With national awards, provincial recognition and lauded praise in his field, Wilkins and his team have secured an estimated $400 million in mortgages over the years for Haligonians.

His new book and a stellar current year may push him to new heights.

"The book shows people my experiences also, and makes me relatable. I'll be honest and say I was living off the fruits of my labour for a while," he said.

"But my mentality has changed, I've regained ground, and 2018 could very well be our best year."

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