Winery offers weddings for couples of all orientations

Beavercreek Winery is ready for weddings for all orientations. They have an open-door policy.

HALIFAX • 2018-04-16 • Jordan Parker

Les and Paulette Wade have owned the Beavercreek Winery for nearly a decade, and they've grown it into a wedding venue for couples of all orientations.

The 86-acre property in Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia, features a 4,000 square foot wedding venue, and the couple makes clear that all are welcome.

"We don't discriminate against anyone. We are more than pleased to host same-sex marriages here, and we make clear we want to give people the freedom to express themselves here," said Les Wade.

What began as a retirement plan for the Wades has now become a wedding venue, winery, gift shop and all-inclusive area for couples to spend time away together.

"There was nothing in the area like this that made everyone feel comfortable. There are churches throughout the Annapolis Valley, but other events to host weddings and events weren't around," he said.

"Now we have a place for everyone, and when we decided to host weddings, we didn't specify who could come. We had no pre-determined demographic we wanted to be here. We wanted everyone to feel welcome."

With their foray into the wedding business a few years ago, they've played host to happy couples, and have a same-sex couple planning a 2019 wedding there.

"Lots of gay couples come for day trips, come for lunch, or to go for a walk, or buy wine. It's a nice place to be and we're very clear we're a safe space," said Wade. "We had a same-sex wedding booked for the summer, but the rebooked for 2019. We can't wait to play host to them."

The space, which allows for 200-to-250 people indoors, tables and chairs, linens and so much more come with the wedding package, and all the Wades really want is to help make people's special day easier.

"If you can have a relaxing day, and be who your really are, we're happy. You don't need to put on a persona here. Weddings can be stressful for everyone without worrying above and beyond," said Wade. "This is neutral ground, and we don't judge by religion, colour, race, sexuality or anything else. If people want to get married or spend time with us, they can come and be happy."

Beavercreek Winery openly advertises that they put on same-sex weddings, and are proud to showcase it. "People don't know about it if you don't promote yourself. We go into every wedding as open books, and we don't assume anything until people walk in the door and talk to us," he said. "All we ever expect is people conduct themselves well and be respectful. That's all anyone should ever ask."

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