Halifax Young Gay Author Published

Luca Wexler (AKA The Avalon Knight) is an aspiring super hero. Or at least he hopes to be. At seventeen, he’s only started training when San Fransisco becomes the target of an anti-corporate extremist hell-bent on stopping development in the city at any cost. As this cyber-terrorist known as The Gentleman wreaks havoc on The City, Luca takes it upon himself to hunt him down.

As The City descends into chaos around him, secrets in Luca’s personal life threaten to derail his investigation, let alone his social life. And when America’s premiere super heroes go missing, The Avalon Knight may be the only hope for stopping The Gentleman before his plans reach their destructive conclusion.

N.T. Herrgott is a graduate of Carleton University, where he studied sexuality and gender in literature. He has been an avid reader of super hero comic books from a young age, and was inspired to create the Avalon Knight by the lack of transgender super heroes in comics. This is his first novel.


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