Job Posting: Wayves Ad Sales Rep


The next position we need refilled is Ad Sales Rep.  This is the person who receives inquiries about ad sales, contacts existing advertisers about renewing, and approaches new businesses, NGOs, etc. for new ads.

If you know of someone who might be interested in this, please forward this to them.


  • You must be a people person, and not afraid to sit down in front of someone, anyone, tell them why they need to advertise in Wayves, and ask for money;
  • You should know or be prepared to learn, everything about the Wayves readership;
  • But you don’t have to know a lot about how it’s put together.  We have a competent team for that, and it’s easy to explain;
  • You should be prepared to travel a little around Atlantic Canada;
  • And, obviously, you should not have a homo-, bi- or trans- or even straight-phobic bone in your body. 

Graphic design: if you can do graphic design for the ads, that’ll be a separate remuneration stream for you; if not, we will have an affiliation with a graphic designer.

Level of effort: this is a part time job, probably on the order of 15 hours a week. Almost all of the work will be done during business hours.

Remuneration: this is a 100% commission position.  When the magazine is fully running again, I would expect remuneration from this position to be in the $500 - $1000 / month range. It’s possible that we could have more than one person for e.g. geographic coverage.  You’ll be responsible for sending out the monthly invoices to the advertisers; they’ll pay Wayves, we’ll pay you your commission. As a commissioned sales person you could take advantage of numerous tax benefits.

Location: although it’s possible to do this job entirely by phone, you’ll have much greater success with face to face meetings. Most of the business is in Halifax, the rest distributed around Atlantic Canada as are the kind of businesses likely to advertise.

If you’re interested, write to Publisher Dan, and we’ll get together.

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