Village of Pugwash Responds

By: Village of Pugwash Commission • June 26, 2018

The Chair of the Pugwash Village Commission says it is unfair that Pugwash is being dragged into a controversy that has nothing to do with the village.

The Maritime Conference of the Seventh Day Adventist Church will host a week long conference with one agenda item that has raised concern in the LGBTQ community. 

Bill Martin says the conference is staged annually at Camp Pugwash, a church facility about ten kilometres from Pugwash.

The concern centres on a presentation from two American speakers representing Coming Out Ministries, who suggest people can change their sexual orientation.

Martin says, “The Village of Pugwash neither supports nor endorses the presentation. We have no more control over their activities than anyone has over an event ten kilometres from your home.”

Martin added, “We can state emphatically that the Seventh Day Adventist churches do not speak for the churches of Pugwash, nor Christians of our community.”

The Village has received negative comments and messages, suggesting an anti gay stance in Pugwash. “On the contrary,” says Martin, “The Pride flag has flown freely for years in our beautiful seaside park.”

The Chair notes that Pugwash is world famous for peace, a reference to the village’s history with the Nobel prize winning Pugwash Thinkers Conference. Martin says, “We seek to hold mankind safe and secure from all that divides us. Pugwash has a long history of inclusiveness, friendliness, and a welcoming nature. Come visit us for our Canada Day celebrations and see for yourself.”

The Pugwash Village Commission can be reached at:

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