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Trans & Non Binary Casting Call

Halifax • 2019-04-10

Casting Call

Production title: I Hear you
Union / Non-Union: Union
Production Type: Independent
Project length: 10 Episodes
Production location: Halifax
Production Company: Interwoven Films
Director: Chelsea Innes, Koumbie and Amy Trefry
Producer: Amy Trefry
Audition Location: N/A – Self Tapes
Shooting Location: Halifax
Compensation: yes – AIP Agreement Rates

KEY DATES: Shooting Starts: May 8th, 2019, Shooting Ends: May 24th, 2019


I Hear You is a medical drama series about a group of women, from puberty to menopause, who each struggle with sexual health issues, and the newly graduated doctor who believes she can help them as they all navigate the frustrations of the Western medical system and their own personal limitations to find hope and help on the other side.

Interwoven Films Inc. would like to add that while we have included a few requirements for characters, we accept all actors to audition for roles that they feel they are suited for. We are open to all actors regardless of gender, race, sexuality, or ability-- other than where specifically stated because of character requirements. We look forward to casting a show that reflects the world around us.


Riley is a non-binary femme who has been trying to get tubal ligation for almost 10 years. They have been unable to find a doctor who will help them. They are certain that they don’t want to have children but each doctor they see cites issues of being too young, not having a husband supporting them, or that it’s “just a phase.” *Intimacy required *We will be casting a self identified non-binary identified actor in this role


Samantha has recently had gender reassignment surgery in the last 12 months and has developed a UTI for the first time. She works as an accountant and is married to John. She and her husband are avid travellers, have no children and are love their lives, they are a suburban power couple. She is uncertain what the new sensations she is experiencing are and worries that something has gone wrong with the surgery.

*Intimacy and nudity required

*We will be casting an identified trans actor in this role