Report: Social Isolation of LGBTQ Seniors

In the fall of 2018, Employment & Social Development Canada released a report on social isolation of LGBTQ seniors in Canada, as part of a larger report on social isolation of seniors. It defines social isolation as, "a situation in which someone has infrequent and/or poor-quality contact with other people" which, like being LGBTQ itself, is a spectrum.

The report includes three case studies; two of unhappily disconnected people, and one who has established a social network. Sections include: risk factors for isolation, consequences of, and a how-to on hosting events to combat isolation. Appendix C includes a list of resources that seniors might find handy.  The Elderberries is listed as a resource for Atlantic Canada.

The full report is 45 pages of which half is appendices.

The report, "Social isolation of seniors: A focus on LGBTQ seniors in Canada" is online here.

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