Trans folk: changing your name with Equifax & TransUnion

Equifax TransUnion logoHalifax • Name Withheld • 2019-08-02

I have to get a credit check done, and just realized that that will pull up my dead name and immediately out me. I contacted Equifax (one of two credit check companies in Canada - the other is TransUnion) about how to change my name with them, and this is the info I got back:

"To change your name in our system, you need to photocopy two pieces of ID (with new name), front and back. You also need to attach proof of name change. Unfortunately, we still operate on the fax system, so you need to fax all of these documents to our Consumer Relations department at 1-514-355-8502. Put your phone number on the fax header just in case someone needs to contact you back. And clearly state your mailing address on the header as well so we can find your file."

Or, if you've recently received an Equifax report, it'll have a unique identifier on it, and you can fill out a "Dispute" form on, include that identifier, and your current name and address on it; leave your dead name off. Print it out and send in by mail.

The process with TransUnion pretty much the same. Initially they said to mail or fax two pieces of ID plus my legal name change, but then said just the legal name change document should suffice (to be safe, I'm gonna send it all). Unfortunately this process takes up to 30 days. You can fax your documents, with a formal, signed request to change your name in their system, to 1-905-527-0401. The mailing address is 3115 Harvester Rd., Suite 201, Burlington, ON, L7N 3N8. For some reason it should be addressed to the Investigation Department.

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