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Halifax Elders March, July 18

Halifax • 2020-07-12

There will be no parade as such in Halifax this year, but Atlantic Canada's LGBT Elders Association, the Elderberries has called for a MARCH!!

The Elderberries are remembering all of the early Pride Marches, providing some continuity, to be able to say, “We did this, year after year, we weren’t stopped by AIDS, we weren’t stopped by COVID" and have some demands:

  • affordable housing;
  • LGBTQI2S Cultural Competency Training for healthcare workers;
  • improved access to primary healthcare for transgender Nova Scotians; and
  • make access to new HIV testing technologies available now.

Marchers will be observing all relevant outdoor safer spaces recommendations.

More details and the registration form are at the link below: please register to be notified the morning of the 18th AND find out where the gathering point is.

For more information, visit:

To register, visit: