Rainbow Refugee Association update

Halifax • 2020-10-22

The Rainbow Refugee Association of Nova Scotia, http://www.rainbowrefugeens.com/ is looking for volunteers!

Here's their latest newsletter: https://mailchi.mp/0b8a98b04bef/rrans-newsletter?e=b06c0574d1

And, here's the list of committees they are looking to staff at the moment:

  • Settlement Committee (assist with choosing refugee from Blended Visa Office-referred list, assist with all preparations for the arrival of a refugee, assist with logistics of welcoming refugee, assist with all aspects of settlement)
  • Communications Committee (assist with preparation of media releases, interviews, website updates, social media, etc.)
  • Fundraising Committee (assist with planning and execution of fundraising activities, create and maintain relationships with individual and corporate donors)
  • Special Events Committee (assist with planning and execution of special events, including networking and creating and maintaining relationships with other community groups, both refugee/newcomer groups and LGBTQ groups)
  • Volunteer Management Committee (assist with planning orientations and training courses for volunteers, assist with all aspects of volunteer management- recruitment, training, retention, recognition, etc.)
  • Advocacy Committee (advocate on behalf of LGBTQI refugees regarding issues that affect the community, promote equality, lobby government for refugee and LGBTQI rights, etc.)

If you think you would be the right fit or have any questions about becoming a volunteer, email rransvolunteers@gmail.com

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