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National Union of Public & General Employees Poster, 1990s2020-12-12 • Halifax
By Daniel MacKay, NS Seniors Archives Research Assistant
Many places in Canada and the world have a Facebook group for local LGBT2S++ history discussion. For the last year or so, I’ve been using the group, “Turret Memories” for this. That group was created for people who attended The Turret (1976-1982) and frankly are the siverbacks… but, it's only for, it’s exclusive for, those who actually walked up the stairs of that cherished edifice and stepped foot inside: not friends, not fans, not interested parties, not young researchers and writers.
My “On This Day” postings are pulled from the Halifax Rainbow Encyclopedia and span the entire history of our community - for example, today’s is observing the 49th birthday of Darryl Ferneyhough, who went missing  almost 20 years ago and is still a missing persons case, . Also, news of the NS LGBT Archives project will be posted there.
During December, I’ll be promoting the new group, and come the new year, I’ll be moving “On This Day” and other history discussion to a group just for Nova Scotia Q history & archives.  Turret Memories of course will still exist for talk about the bar, and hatch, match & dispatch news of its denizens.
The group is "Nova Scotia LGBT Seniors Archive” and was created by fearless leader Dr Jacqueline Gahagan, and like most Facebook groups, has several moderators. Please join us there. The direct link is here, just click and “Like."
I’m looking forward to questions, chat, reminiscences, catching up, and sharing stories of the good and bad ol’ days. 


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