Halifax Pride Annual General Mayhem

The Halifax Pride AGM took place on Thursday October 11th. The meeting was well attended with 39 registered voters in attendance.

Upon registration, members were provided with bound copies of the minutes of the previous AGM, By-Laws relating to transactions of affairs, financial records as well as Chair and Co-ordinator reports. There's a link to a scan of these reports, is at right.

The meeting was chaired by outgoing Chair Krista Snow. Krista’s written report focused on areas of board development and recommendations moving forward including; hiring of 1.5 staff, and noted a lack of respect and appreciation among board members at times. In addition to her written report Krista noted that the criticism expressed at a community meeting was not reflective of the positive feedback she received about the festival. She also took the time to thank the board and volunteers for their hard work.

Verbal reports followed by question periods were also delivered by Treasure Claudia Legge, Volunteer Coordinator Tamara Vivian, Queer Acts Festival Coordinator Adam Reid, Parade Coordinator Paul Forrest, and Sponsorship Coordinator Marion Steele. Beverage Report was read on behalf of absent out going board member Susan Sangster. One of the most noteworthy highlights of the 2012 review is a retained surplus of approximately $30,000. A motion made by Ed Savage (HP Chair 2010) that an accountant be hired to conduct an unaudited review of the financial records was carried.

Board members carrying out their 2 year term were:

  • Tamara Vivian,
  • Kathy Walsh,
  • Frank Benzanson,
  • Ken Murray and
  • Adam Noble.

Re-elected to the Board was:

  • Paul Forrest,
  • Marion Steele,
  • Claudia Legge, and
  • Adam Reid.

Newly elected members include: Chris Scullino and Ramona Westgate, who was previously a Halifax Pride boardmember from 2007-2009.

New business included the establishment of a steering committee to investigate the process of hiring staff. The committee will consist of no more than 2 board members and no less than 3 community members (all members yet to be appointed/determined). The Committee is due to report back to the Membership in January 2013.]

A copy of the reports has been archived in the Halifax LGBT Encyclopedia and is available for viewing here.



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