Elderberries Newsletter

1.  Elderberries Potluck Social, Sunday February 24, 2:00 - 4:30 pm 

Free event for LGBT people aged 50+, showing the film Courage in the Face of Hate (28 min).This documentary looks at the human impact of hate crimes, violence, and bullying against LGBT Canadians at school, at work, in the family, and in the community.  Based on focus groups conducted with victims, this film was a joint venture of Egale Canada and of Barbara Perry, Professor of Criminology at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, and a specialist in hate crime research and prevention.  Although the focus is more on youth, many Elderberries will find the events described reflect their own past experiences.  Discussion will follow.


Location :  the Penthouse, 2615 Northwood Terrace.  Wheelchair accessible.  Parking available on the surrounding streets, or in a pay-for-parking lot directly across from the entrance.  No alcohol, no scents, no peanuts, no pets, please :  service dogs welcome.


For the potluck, please bring something you would enjoy eating and sharing.  Since there are no cooking facilities, finger foods or cold dishes are suggested.  Please bring serving tools as needed - knives to cut cake, large serving spoons or tongs for salads, etc.  Coffee and tea will be provided.


2.  You, yes, you! are needed to make Elderberries live long and prosper!

Maybe the Elderberries programs don't match your interests...maybe our Facebook page looks boring.... 

Maybe what Elderberries needs is you!  What could you bring to Elderberries?  You could keep our membership list current...plan programs...edit the Newsletter...update the Facebook page...organize Elderberries participation in LGBT events...revise copy for the Elderberries flyer...become our Treasurer (not that we have much Treasure, but still)...coordinate our response to requests for speaking engagements or media comments.  Don't just scroll down - we need new members for the Organizing Committee.  What project(s) might interest you? We need you!

Contacts :  malm1@ns.sympatico.ca or elderberries.scotia2@gmail.com


3.  Piano Bar

Quiet afternoon, a very light snow falling, the Penthouse fireplace emitting a cozy glow, and easy listening classics flowing from the piano...

Northwood has a piano they would set up for Elderberries, so all that's needed is a piano player.  "Play it again, Sam.  Play 'As time goes by.' "  Or if you're not in a Bogart mood, it could be a singalong.

But who is that piano player?   Surely some member or friend of a member yearns to be an Elderberries Idol, or could suggest a prospective member who might be approached?  Don't say, "The Editor has known me for years, why doesn't she just ask me?"  There are days when Your Editor's shopping list contains items like "pointy orange root veg" or "that fruit from Hawaii" (stop giggling!).  How can someone who can't remember the names of the groceries possibly remember which of our charming and talented Elderberries plays the piano?  Please call or email to volunteer or with suggestions.  malm1@ns.sympatico.ca

Note :  Just because Your Editor is  [trying to be] funny, does not mean this is not a serious question.  It is.


4.  Research projects :

(a)  Dr Brenda Beagan of Dalhousie University, and Brenda Hattie of Mount St Vincent University, are conducting research into LGBTQ identity, religion and spirituality, and their influence on health and wellbeing.  They are looking for participants aged 20 or older.  Your experience may be with organized religion or with your own private path to spirituality; current or in the past; positive or negative in nature.  An audio interview of one to one and a half hours is involved.  Conact Brenda Hattie at 457-6712 or Brenda.hattie@msvu.ca


(b)  Dale Vincent and Deana MacDonald, identified as MSW students at the University of Victoria, are seeking participants for a study of individuals 19+ who have worked in the social services field and passed as straight in the workplace.  The social services field is defined as including lawyers, teachers, social workers, health care workers, support workers, advocates, etc.  If you are interested, or would like further information, contact LGpassing@hotmail.com


5.  Hold Me Tight Workshops : 

The Hold Me Tight workshops, for gay male couples aged 18+ who have been together more than two years, were previously listed in this Newsletter.  These events are now postponed to April 6,13, and 20.  For further information, call Robert Allan at 491-6278.


6.  Other events :

February 22 :   Vagina Monologues at the Company House, 2202 Gottingen St.  Tickets $10.00 in advance, $15.00 at the door.  Proceeds to Stepping Stone.


March 1 :  All Classical Music Explained with Rainer Hersch and Symphony Nova Scotia.  7:30 pm.  Rebecca Cohn Auditorium.  "Stand-up comedy and witty musical arrangements."  Tickets $29 - $54.  494-3820.  If you aren't familiar with this performer, see http://rainerhersch.com/about.html


7.  Errors, omissions, and misprints :

Your Editor accepts full responsibility for all misprints, errors, and/or omissions except those arising from volcanic eruptions, meteor explosions, global warming, side effects of warfarin, les souetes winds, or overconsumption of decaffeinated beverages.

If you have received this Newsletter, you are a member in good standing of Elderberries, a social group for LGBT Nova Scotians (with a few New Brunswickers, and an international section of three).  If you wish to resign from Elderberries (whyever would you?!?), or just to stop getting the Newsletter, please email malm1@ns.sympatico.ca or elderberries.scotia2@gmail.com

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