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Youth Project Launches Gay/Straight Alliance Roadshow

The Youth Project is embarking on an exciting tour of rural Nova Scotia! We’re heading to rural regions to host day-long workshops and skill-building sessions for students in Gay/Straight Alliances.

While our yearly provincial Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA) conference is a well-attended resource by students and teachers from rural areas, the GSA Roadshow gives us an opportunity to take these skills into the community where youth are, and offer more opportunity for GSA leaders to connect with local resources and supports. Some workshops have been selected by students already, like how to run an anti-bullying campaign, how to make schools trans-inclusive, and how to facilitate a workshop. Funded by the Canadian Women’s Foundation, the Youth Project is hoping to use this project to strengthen GSAs across the province. Often youth from rural areas have to be the ones to travel into the city, this time we’re bringing the resources to them, and leaving behind tools and strategies for youth to use in their schools.

A huge focus of the GSA Roadshow is to connect GSAs to resources in their area. The Youth Project is seeking people from the Roadshow locations to help out with workshops, skill-builders and helping the entire day run. If this is you, we’d love to hear from you! Connect with Roadshow Coordinator Dori Palmiere – or call us at (902) 429-5429

The Roadshow is open to any GSA students in the area!! For more information and registration info, click here.

Upcoming GSA Roadshow tour dates and locations:

Liverpool, April 13th

Yarmouth April 20th

Guysborough April 30th

Springhill May 2013 (TBA)

New Glasgow May 2013 (TBA)

Sydney June 2013 (TBA)